Colorful makeup

We offered you some pieces of advice that concerned some types of makeup that is really trendy in this season and maybe in the next one too. There are some ladies that love to express their attitude through the colors used in their makeup; it isn’t a bad thing at all, on the contrary!

Just don’t exaggerate with the colors and amount used…. Indeed it’s in trend; let’s not forget that you’re a normal person that has a workplace and walks on the street. The types of makeup really colored is for show and you just couldn’t go out like that, would you? Here you have some models of makeup and these involve a lot of colors and maybe when you want to play a role or something like that you may want to apply for one of these. Who knows?!

You may have observed those types of makeup that resemble some carnival masks and it’s impossible for you not to like them. Maybe in the next Halloween party or masquerade you’ll know exactly just how to look like. So let’s start with basics: you need a complexion color that resembles porcelain and that’s why after you apply makeup foundation you powder your face with a really white porcelain tone.

In the areas above your cheekbones and on them you can apply pink color together with some shimmering particles. Another thing that you should take into account is that your eyebrows shouldn’t be observed at all and that’s why you have to add extra power on them. The colorful effects are given by the multi colored fake eyelashes and if you don’t have such pieces, then apply for colored mascara on the upper ones and black on the inferior ones. Another thing that you should do is to apply black eyeliner, be it pencil of liquid all around your eyes.

Begin adding different types of eye colors together with shimmering particles and you’ll see the effect…. The last piece in the puzzle regards the lips: you must obtain a glossy red and apply it with a perfect contour, similar to the carnival masks!

You may observe different such pictures with great looking makeup on the internet, but these aren’t hard to realize as long as you have the right instruments: brushes and colors.

This next makeup can be obtained with the help of two different colored liquid eye colors: orange and yellow. Around the eyes apply that intense orange tone and make sure that in the interior side of the eyes you have traced a line with the help of yellow eyeliner. On the arcade and somewhere in the interior corner of the eye put the yellow color and end with applying mascara, black mascara that is! It wasn’t hard at all, see?

The last model of makeup is special looking too. It has at the basis pink tones. Cover all your face with makeup foundation in the appropriate color. The next thing is to try to cover your eye brows as much as you can, so that these can’t be observed. Apply pink tones lighter on the upper eyelid and a darker tone around the arcade area.

In order to highlight your eyes more you should trace a line with the help of an eyeliner, black one that is and end with applying black mascara. The lips should look divine too with pink tones and make sure that you highlighted your lip corners with a dark color.