Different makeup styles 4

Colors can be really important when it comes to a makeup style or another. If you know how to play with these you’re going to end up with a really nice looking makeup style and you’re just as good to go out in town. So, what makeup products are exactly needed in this type of makeup style? You have to definitely use makeup foundation, but in a fade tone, use eyeliner, mascara, whatever color of eye shade you wish and a similar tone of lip gloss.

Start with contouring your eyes with the help of eyeliner and continue with adding a matte tone of eyeshade all around your eyes. Continue with adding mascara and you’re done with the eyes. You can also play with different tones of eye shade and create a nice visual impression.

The gloss should be in a similar tone as we mentioned previously and you have to make sure that your lips are voluptuous and really great looking in the same time.
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You can have a bold look with the help of different additions to your normal makeup style. You can play with the basics: use eyeliner to highlight your eyes: contour kohl and liquid eyeliner and you can add extra layers of mascara. As for the lips we recommend you to add an extra glow that can be obtained with the help of a special looking lip gloss. The eyebrows should remain really pleasant looking and you can contour them with the help of a crayon or something like that. The effect is given by the usage of glitter; literally stick to the area next to the eyes. This is an interesting element and you can apply for it in case you need to look more than ordinary.

Monochromatic makeup can be considered pretty dull by some, but it isn’t in that way. You can look pretty interesting with in on, as long as you know how to use all the elements that we suggest here. In case you’re a red haired one you can easily apply for warm tones of brown both for the eyes and on the lips as well and this won’t make you old, believe us!

Use a light makeup foundation and brush your eyebrows in a very pleasant manner. You can also highlight them with the help of contour kohl in the same tone as those you use on the rest of your face. The eyes can be slightly contoured with the help of a brown crayon and use for the lips a matte lip stick, this is indeed an interesting thing and it creates a nice visual effect.