Blue eyes makeup 3

We’ve got another suggestion of eye makeup for you and it concerns blue eyes. In fact, we have multiple examples from which you can inspire yourself into creating marvelous looks and looking great whenever you decide to go out or simply apply it for your daily makeup.

We continue with a makeup style that involves the usage of peach eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.

Start with adding peach eye shadow on the superior eyelids, stop just underneath the arcade area and you can continue with adding this peach eye shadow on the inferior eyelids as well. The next step is to draw a line with the help of the liquid eyeliner on the superior eyelid and finish with adding mascara on the inferior and the superior eyelashes as well.
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The lips should be similar in color with the eye shadow, to be more specific these need to be peach in color; you can apply for a nude tone of peach lipstick or even a lip gloss. The effect will definitely be dazzling and we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy pretty much what you’re going to obtain.

In order to make your eyes look more intense and really dazzling in the same time you could always apply for dark eye shadow together with brown eyeliner or even in black tone. This will definitely make you great as long as you read carefully how this look is obtained.

So, contour your eyes with the help of the brown or black eyeliner and then begin playing with the brush all around your eyes in order to highlight them better. You can add extra layers of this eye shadow on the superior eyelids and opt for adding mascara on the superior and inferior lashes.

The lips should look really voluptuous and fresh in the same time. Use a glittery tone of lip gloss with sparkling elements in it, it will complete this deep look and you’re going to look sexy in the same time. Did we convince you to apply for this makeup style yet?

You can always look different and special from others with the help of bright eye shadows. In this case you can apply for shimmering eye shadows like: orange, fuchsia, pink, purple or even turquoise. These colors definitely make you look gorgeous and really funky in the same time. Apply for lighter and darker tones, use them around your eyes in a very special manner and finish with extra layers of mascara on the superior and inferior eyelashes as well. The lips should look dazzling as you are going to use a pink lipstick that offers you a really fresh look and really interesting in the same time.

Using a gold tone of eye shadow around your eyes highlights your eyes in a very interesting way. You can be sure that these are going to look magnificent. Use mascara on the superior and on the inferior lashes as well and this look is complete. The lips need to look fresh with the help of a transparent lip gloss or pink one.