Celebrity makeup

For looking like a celebrity with makeup, first of all, you need a makeup artist next to you and a lot of money after. These are some hints that will help you to imitate some of the celebrity makeup and this won’t be a hard thing at all as long as you listen a little bit to our piece of advice….
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The first celebrity we want to take into account is Katy Perry and you know that she has that interesting look almost every time that she appears on the red carpet or on the stage. Well, of course she doesn’t realize the makeup herself. There are some people behind her that help to obtain this great looking aspect.

We’re going to suggest how her makeup is realized in this particular picture and maybe if you read attentively, you’re going to end up looking like her. The first step refers to the makeup foundation, use a very natural tone of makeup foundation and apply it on your entire complexion. The next step is for the cheeks, add a slight touch of blush in that particular area, but make it in a very natural tone.

We move on with to the eyes. Take a red-brown tone of eye color and begin applying it on the eye lids, start from the superior ones towards the inferior ones. You can add a line with the help of a brown pencil on the inferior eyelids. The next thing that you have to do is to apply a line of black eyeliner on the superior eyelid and extra layers of mascara after. The lipstick tone has to be in a sweet pink tone and matte too, it shouldn’t be glossy or shiny.

We continue with Anna Kendrick at the Oscars this year. Indeed she looks divine and she has a really nice smile. The same story: apply makeup foundation and a touch of blush in your cheeks and this time make it with a brownish tone. The next step id for the eyes, her eyes have the style a little bit of the cat eye makeup and we assure you that this isn’t hard to realize at all.

The eyes are really important in one’s makeup and so it is in this case too! Start with applying a light tone of eye color, but make sure that it isn’t shimmering or something like that.

You should continue with applying a brown tone of eye color in the external corners of your eyes and on the inferior eyelid too. The last step is to apply on the inferior and in the external corner of the eye (in the inferior side) a black touch of liquid eyeliner in order to create an amazing effect and intensify your sight pretty much.

The final step is to add extra layers of mascara on the superior and on the inferior eye lashes. This will make you look greater and maybe you’re going to look exactly like Anna Kendrick.

The lips are also important! You shouldn’t forget about them in any type of makeup. In this case there’s needed a really natural tone of pink and it’s not glossy or shimmering, it looks as if these were the natural tones of her lips. This color goes really great with her eye makeup and we hope that you end up looking like her.