Methods of applying make-up foundation

Applying make-up foundation may be a difficult job to do for some women. And why is that? Probably because every time you try to apply it you want it to perfectly penetrate your complexion and you certainly won`t like it to look like a mask! All women have this problem! In fact, if you know how to pick the make-up foundation for your skin color, everything will be fine and applying it is only piece of cake!

So, let`s start with the basic point! You`ve chosen your make-up foundation accordingly to your neck skin nuance and you may also want to but two make-up foundation one really light in color and a nuance a little bit darker in order to mix them and obtain a great effect! Make sure the two products are bought from the same line, because you need them in the same texture!

Let`s see, the next step is to hydrate and use anti dark circle tube in order to make your eyes look great and your skin fresh and moisturized! The next step is to apply the make-up foundation! And how do you do that? With the help of your hands, with a sponge or with a brush! These three ways are basic for applying this product on your face!

So let`s start with the hands! If you want to apply the make-up foundation with your hands you must first make sure that they are clean and perfectly washed up! It`s true that they won`t be perfectly sanitarized, but it`s better to watch this aspect, because you don`t want rashes or pimples on your face!

The big con regarding hands and make-up foundation is that you leave marks and it can be seen by someone else! You won`t even notice! So if you want to look great and without marks on your face, make sure that when you apply make-up foundation you go at the window, particularly in an enlightened area and you`ll see if the color of the make-up foundation suits perfectly your face!

The next method consists in using those special made sponges! These are great methods, but you`ll waste so much make-up foundation on them….. Half of the quantity is placed on your face and the other half remains on the little sponge! It`s a way great manner of placing the product on your complexion, but it isn`t that reliable as you can see!

The brush is also a great hint! You can use such a brush after you`ve applied the make-up foundation with your hands! It will help it to spread or even to enter in the skin! Let`s also mention that it`s great to apply a little bit of powder after you`ve finished with the make-up foundation!

And regarding the subject of choosing properly the make-up foundation, we`ve shown you some tips how you can do this process properly! Browse and you`ll see!