Masks for dry normal greasy complexion

Masks are certainly a basic thing for your beauty. Depending on the type of complexion you posses masks are composed of different ingredients and another thing you shouldn`t forget is not buying masks from boutiques; try to make them in your households!

Now, here`s a model of mask for the women that have a greasy complexion: a spoon with grapefruit juice, another one with cream and egg white which is made like a mousse; you add the grapefruit juice to the mousse and also the cream and you mix the ingredients well. The mask that you obtain is applied on your face and you hold it for about 15 minutes!

Do you posses a dry complexion? That means you should make yourself a mask composed by: a little natural yoghurt, some smashed cucumber and parsley and an ampoule of vitamin E… mix the ingredients, let it action about 15 or 20 minutes and then apply some cold water!

If you have a normal complexion then you must try to make this mask…take a medium peach, a spoon with honey, 2 spoons of powder oatmeal and an ampoule of Vitamin E. after you obtain these ingredients make sure you put the peach into the oven and it becomes soft, you then use a fork to mix it with the other elements, you use this mask for about 10 minutes and then you apply cold water on your face!

Some other types of masks for dry skin are the coconut mask and the tomato one! How are they obtained? Very simple, the coconut mask is obtained composed in this way: you take coconut oil and spread it all over your face; you then must take a towel and bathe it in boiled water, squeeze it and apply it on the face. If you have a horizontal position the blood circulating in your veins will make the skin absorb the oil! Repeat the process mentioned above about 4 or 5 times and use rose water to bathe your face after you apply the mask. Your skin will simply glow!

Here you have the recipe for the tomato mask: toss some tomatoes, drink the juice and cover your face with the pulp remaining in the boll. It closes your pores and stretches your skin. The tomato juice is for cleaning the skin from the interior!

The types of masks presented above are not expensive at all, you must try applying one, at least once a weeks and the success is guaranteed! Another thing to maintain your skin young and beautiful is to avoid smoking or staying in smoke, try to sleep as much as you can and live a happy life!

The advices are given it`s up to you! You choose if you want to remain happy, healthy and young or looking in the mirror and observing the mess created by your indifference!