Make-up foundation

Choosing a suitable make-up foundation can be a difficult situation. It is hard to pick the right nuance, because our complexion changes from season to season: it may be tanned in summer, freckled in spring and the right nuance or maybe too bright in the cold seasons…

Look attentively in the mirror and try to see what foundation nuance suits you better. You can look bad using a make-up foundation with an olive color if your complexion has a pink nuance. As silly as it may sound, the most suitable variant is the one involving a yellow nuance. Most of the persons that see pink nuances in their complexion tend to use pink foundations, but this isn`t a good thing, because very few people really have this kind of color complexion.

How do you find out the suitable foundation for your skin? Bright complexions can test the real foundation color on the neck line, and the tanned skins or dark will test the nuances on the cheek. The explanation is simple: bright complexions have a rash on the centre of the face (that must be hidden and not highlighted) and tanned or dark skins have a certain bright area in the centre of the face ( like a mask with bright color). Many specialists recommend for dark complexions or/and tanned ones, two types of foundations, that in some cases can bring some difficulties, because the difference is observable! So, if you encounter yourself in this situation, try using an intermediate color, it`s easier to pick and use!

What kind of texture suits you better? Well, there are many textures, but to be understood, it is better to divide them into 3 categories: compact, liquid and stick.

The liquid foundations can be hydrating and astringent. The first ones are suitable to be used on the dry complexions and the others for greasy complexions.

The stick foundations offer a great level of covering the skin and can be used on all types of skins depending on their composition.

The compact (powder) foundations are used together with water and with predilection by those that have a greasy complexion.

No matter what mark of make up foundation you use, make sure it`s the right color and the texture suits your complexion. After you apply the make up foundation you can finish with tranquility the rest of your make-up or just a little mascara, because the foundation puts your face in another light and it also helps you protect your skin from the UVs and the dust in the air!