Blue eyes makeup 2

We think that our previous examples that concerned blue eyes makeup didn’t seem enough for you and that you’re going to get advantage of some other styles that will definitely be useful when you’re intending to realize a great looking complexion and aspect.

For this next makeup style you need shimmering taupe eye shadow, mascara and black eyeliner. Apply the shimmering taupe eye shadow un the superior eyelid, just underneath the arcade area and on the inferior eyelid as well.

This will create an amazing visual effect that we guarantee it’s going to bring out the amazing color in your eyes. Finish with adding mascara on the superior and the inferior eyelashes as well in order to have the attention focused on the eyes and to make them pop out of your entire complexion.

The lips should be highlighted with the help of a creamy lipstick in a warm dark tone, one that is in perfect coordination with the color of the eye shadow that we’ve just suggested.
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Here’s a makeup style that we totally recommend for bronzed skin and that will definitely make you look gorgeous and with some great looking features. We’re speaking about a makeup style that involves the usage of a black eyeliner, mascara and nude eye shadow. These are elements that are definitely going to make you look gorgeous and your eyes will pop out!

Add transparent eye shadow on the superior eye lid and on the inferior one as well. Continue with adding a line of eyeliner on the inferior eyelid in order to highlight the gorgeous color in your eyes. Finish with adding mascara on the superior and inferior eyelashes and we’re sure that this is going to be a marvelous makeup style for you and that is going to make you look gorgeous.

You can add some bronzer on your complexion as well. This will definitely confer you an exotic look and your eyes will be highlighted in a pleasant manner. The makeup foundation you decide to use should be in a darker tone and we’re sure that your eyes will be highlighted in a very gorgeous manner even if you decide not to use eyeliner and mascara.

The lips we recommend you to keep them in a pink pale tone with the help of a creamy lip gloss or one that confers your lips a really healthy look and makes them look really gorgeous and voluptuous in the same time!