Bridal makeup according to the face shape

The latest trends in bridal makeup and makeup in general emphasize great looks that are versatile and there are daring chromatic combinations, which are really easy to make and realize. We have seen lots of ideas that are contoured through courageous lines and make your own personalize style look unique. Through color and shape you can obtain a vibrant look if you respect the latest trends and in the same time you have to adapt it to your features and the manner in which you are dressed.

bridal makeup according to the face shapeCredit
Bridal makeup according to the face shape

Here are some bridal makeup tips that can turn out to be really useful and let us also add that they take into account the face and complexion shape.
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So, there are multiple face shapes as you know very well and accordingly to these you can have a makeup style or another.

Diamond shaped complexion

There’s the diamond shaped face that has a sharp chin and the apple of the cheeks flat. There are the flat temples in contrast with the mandible’s proportions. The blush has to be applied in the diagonal side of the cheeks, starting from their extremity. In most of the cases, the eyebrows will have wing shapes.

Square shaped complexion

In this case, the blush plays an essential role in correcting your face and the bridal hairstyle. The blush has to be added in the extremities of your face, but on the superior side of the cheekbones. The shape of the brows has to be arched.

The round shape complexion

The line of the chin is round and the hair is also arranged in a round way, naturally speaking. The blush has to be applied under the cheekbones, in order to cut their volume. The brows have wing shape, arched a little bit.

The oval shape complexion

In this case, the blush has to be applied in the middle of the cheeks for making the face look great and well emphasized. In the end of the chin and on the forehead, there should be added a darker tone of makeup foundation for not making the shape of the face oval. The eyebrows are going to have an even more laniary shape.

bridal makeup according to the face shapeCredit
Bridal makeup according to the face shape

Here are some other bridal makeup tips that will prove to be a great starting point for you and you might use them in the day to day life as well.

Natural beauty

The natural makeup remains in trend in these seasons as well and they can permit lots of versatile interpretations that can go towards dramatic. When a woman looks natural and has her positive points emphasized, this is when she looks sexy and gorgeous. A real fashion victim can observe this thing at the level of accessories, clothing and hairstyles.

Now, we’re going to stop a little bit at the level of the fancy makeup, the one that you usually apply for during the evening.

This makeup style ought to be ideal for the wedding reception. Think of golden tones combined with metallic grey and these are irresistible and easy to wear during the night, perfectly associated with a blush in warm tones. In making the makeup complete at the level of the eyes, the lipstick has an important role. It’s necessary to have well defined lips and this can be conditioned by the discrete line at the level of the eyes.

The last and final thing that we have to add is related to purple

For those who are fond of the glamour styles and factors, the tones of purple are reinvented in this season, having the great advantage of emphasizing the eyes( even if we’re speaking about green, brown or blue). It is recommended to wear such a bridal makeup only on the background of a perfectly uniform complexion, especially underneath the eyes.

So, the makeup art isn’t such an easy thing as you can observe, there are many things that you have to keep in mind. Also, if you decide to realize the bridal makeup with your own hands, you need to be aware of these details and use them in an appropriate manner. See what kind of complexion and face shape you have and accordingly to this matter, you will end up with a successful look! These being said, let’s emphasize that with the help of a makeup stylist, you are going to look ideal, but in the same time this does not mean that you are not going to be able to do it with your own hands!