Red haired brides

If you’re a red haired bride then surely you’re going to be the cherry on top of your wedding cake! Not only is this thing really rate, but you’re going to be able to look much more enchanting through applying some tricks.

The red hair is applied in our days for its intense color and special and the red haired women are considered an expression of beauty – beauty that attracts and scares in the same time.

Throughout the time, the red haired persons were feared of or worshipped, hated or adored and no other color of hair has offered some feelings and superstitions as diversified and contrasting as this.

It was believed that the red hair was a sign of a person that was wise or fake, but also vain or jealous. In our days, like in any other places in history the red hair is considered a rarity and that’s why everybody is fascinated in what it concerns. This color type is associated with a certain feature and it’s also associated with powerful sexuality, with a strong temper and a big love for life.
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The advantages of having such a hair type are multiple, besides the beauty that it has, it’s also the fact that the red hair doesn’t become white, it becomes grey while you get older, after it’s going to become like a blond and finally it’s white.

Throughout all the types of color hair, the red hair is less predisposed to aging, maintaining its color for a long while.

In case in which you’re the happy owner of natural red hair the wedding day has to be like a moment of celebrating the splendid color of hair that you have.

In this case you’re going to be able to play with the eye makeup in the craziest ways possible.

You could even, if the wedding dress is white, opt for a makeup style in green tone, the contrast being able to evidence the way in which your eyes look and the central piece of your wedding gown is exactly the face.

You have at your disposal a variety of orange tones: from gold, to peach, gold and to tones that go towards scarlet red. The main thing is that you find a lipstick from the same family of colors.

You don’t have to forget as well about the nude blush, which is going to emphasize your cheeks. Pay attention to the mascara and the contour kohl. In what concerns freckles, which the people with natural hair usually have you can hide these with the help of a layer of mascara. The wedding makeup is different from a daily one and this is why you have to offer it as much time as possible.