Crazy makeup

We were mentioning some things about crazy makeup styles; well we’re back with this topic because it seems that nowadays everyone wants to look different and how can you do this? Well, you can do it throughout the makeup and clothing. We begun the subject of crazy makeup and we have to continue with it because we want you to look different one from another.
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Well if you don’t have a blue tone of eye color in your makeup case search for one and also for a blue eyeliner because you need both of these when it comes to realizing this makeup on the eyes. Start with the down side of your eyes, the inferior eyelid and apply a blue line of eye liner towards the exterior corner of your eye.

Another thing that you have to do is to repeat the same thing with the superior eyelid and continue with applying blue eye color and after a lighter tone in order to create a nice looking impression. It doesn’t matter what eye colors you have, it only matters that you try to do it like in the picture and how we’ve indicated you. The final step is to apply a great amount of mascara and your look is totally realized.

We’ve mentioned some time ago that in this season it’s all about tribal stuff and oversized details. Well, it seems that your eyes can look oversized too as long as you apply a great amount of black eyeliner under the inferior eyelid and just underneath the arcade line. In order to create a spooky visual effect you can add a metallic eye color in the interior corner of you’re eyes and your crazy makeup is ready.

Want to create a combination between the gothic and vintage style? Well it won’t be hard at all as long as you know hoe to blend certain elements. The makeup that we’re going to suggest to you isn’t that crazy as you may think, in fact it looks really great-like the other makeup styles that we’ve suggested up to this moment.

Start with applying makeup foundation on your face and with a slight blush in your cheeks, but let it not be that obvious. The eyebrows are really important: highlight them with dye, if you don’t have dye you can apply for eye liner under the format of a pencil and you have to highlight them pretty well.

The eyes are the next step: add shades with the help of a matte eye color and continue with it underneath your eyes and apply it on the inferior eyelid. The lips are really important too: add a dark tone of red and make sure that you highlight your lips with a nice contour too. You’ll look divine!