Crazy makeup 3

Our last suggestions up to this moment of crazy makeup will definitely catch your interest as these are created in a very interesting way and involve a lot of great looking cosmetic products and their range of colors is exquisite and we’re sure that you’re going to like these….

For the first crazy makeup you need a lot of glitter and whatever colors you like. This makeup style is inspired by the Asian continent and the lips look great as well. Here’s what we suggest: use shimmering eyeshades in very bright colors and play with them on the superior eyelids in the same manner.

Also you may highlight your eyes a little bit with adding a thin line of eyeliner in the exterior corner of your eyes in both sides superior and inferior; on the interior corner of your eyes use bright color tones and really light in order to make your eyes bolder. Use plenty of mascara on the superior eyelid and you mat even apply for false eyelashes. The next thing is to add color and glitter around your eyes: in the exterior corner and over the eyebrows. This is quite an interesting visual effect if we come to think of it….
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
As for the lips we recommend you to use a watery lip gloss without glitter in a very spicy tone of red and also use some glitter over it. This will create an amazing visual impression, be sure of that!

Our last suggestion refers to using deep tones of pinks combined with orange, gold and white. Here’s what you have to do: start with applying pink eye shade all around your eyes up to the arcade area. Use a gold tone on the arcade and the shimmering white tone that we’ve been talking about previously. On the inferior eyelid do these this in the same manner.

crazy makeup 3 2

We forgot to mention that you can start this look with applying a contour kohl line in black tone all around your eyes. Also, some false eye lashes would be really effective in this case. If you can’t obtain these fake eyelashes we think that some extra layers of mascara will create the same visual impression!

The final touch concerns the lips: we recommend you to use a cherry tone of lip gloss, without shimmer and stuff like that. Also you may apply for combining two different tones: a darker one in the exterior corner and a lighter one in the middle side.

These being said, we would like you to take into consideration all the examples that we’ve offered here and maybe you will apply for them in the future time, whenever you find the occasion….