Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes is a type of make-up very in vogue in the last few years and it doesn`t seem to be forgotten very soon! It is a type of make-up that denotes the feminine and the rough side of the woman. It isn`t hard to realize this kind of model and you will be explained how it`s done in the lines to come…


You need cream powder eyeliner, black mascara, black eyelid powder, mat or metallic gray powder or any other color you like, shimmering or mat make-up foundation, corrector, shiny or mat powder, blush in a nuance that fits with the powders used on the eyelids or a neutral one, pink lipstick, transparent lip gloss, shimmering silver or golden powder that gives the impression of glamour, black contour kohl that is going to be used in the interior part of the eyelid and gray or black creamy eyeliner.

The products mentioned above should be used all in order to have a real smoky make-up. In the next chapter, you`ll be explained how to create such a make-up at home!

Apply the foundation on the face, neck and cleavage. Correct the rashes, the dark circles and the imperfections with the help of the stick corrector! With a brush cover all your face with as much powder as you can, insist on the down area of the eyes. With a make-up sponge apply the eye powder on the upper part and down part of the eyes, move the sponge towards the exterior parts of the eyes and create an oblong image of them. Put another layer of powder and eyeliner on the eyelids, not to have dissatisfactions after. You can apply, beside the black or green nuance, kaki, blue, red, purple, metallic gray or any other color you like! With a brush try to brighten the area in next to the eyebrows and it must be in a shimmering nuance, you can also use glitter to enlighten the image! Use mascara as much as possible! Use a blush on the cheeks and a similar lipstick. To give the impression of glam, apply some shimmering powder on the cheeks and lips, some lip gloss and glitter!

This is indeed a kind of make up that inspires extravagancy and it can perfectly be a make-up used in the party dedicated to the New Year`s Eve! If you respect all the steps, you`ll surely look great!