Geisha makeup

Another special type of makeup is that of geisha. This one isn’t hard to realize as well and if you pay attention to our words you’re going to definitely look like one! From some points of view this makeup is very similar to the gothic one. In which way? Well in the fact that your face needs to be very pale and the colors used to the eyes and lips are very similar to those used in the gothic one, just that the amounts differ.

So let’s start with the basics…. It is well known that the Asians people differ in skin color from the rest.

There are those that have dark skin and those from the Chinese and Japanese area with their special white-yellow tone. Well, don’t think of it literally, it’s just that their skin color is lighter than the rest of the world and that’s why maybe this makeup is easier to be realized.
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Also, besides the colour of the skin, there’s another aspect, like the eyes! They have prolonged eyes and it’s easier to apply for this makeup having this feature. Don’t worry tough if you know to use makeup products, you’re going to end up looking like one of them.

So let’s start with the basics: you need a very light tone of makeup foundation and apply it to your face in order to create the impression that you’re really pale. Another thing that you can do is to renounce to the blush in order to create a general idea of paleness.

The next thing concerns the eyes. It’s very simple! You have to take black and liquid eyeliner and draw a thick line on the superior eyelid. After you do this you may reinforce with the help of black mascara only on the superior eyelashes.

The last issue is to apply red lipstick on your lips in order to create an amazing effect with the rest of the elements. Let’s also mention that they need to be contoured perfectly in order to obtain the geisha look.

Besides the things we’ve mentioned above, there are other elements that concern the geisha makeup and different variations of details used. For instance, you can apply blush in your cheeks if you desire, or the eyeliner line can be really thin and the list may continue.

Also, at the basics of the black eyeliner line there can be different layers of eye color and used in different modes. You can add your personal touch to this type of makeup and it’s not easy to realize at all!

In order to have a complete look you may apply for a special hairdo, typical for them and you’ll end up looking like this beauty icon. Use your imagination and the things explained above and it won’t be hard at all. Also, if there are other things that you may like to know about and other styles of makeup, feel free to ask!