Fantasy makeup

You’re going to a party and you have to wear a disguise and you have to do this in makeup and clothing. We’re not going to suggest any costumes; we’re only going to offer you some examples of fantasy makeup.

The first such makeup isn’t hard to realize and you can do it also with eye colors in matte tones. Start with applying makeup foundation in order for the makeup to stay fixed on the face and if you listen to our piece of advice you’ll look exactly like the girl in the image. When it comes to the eyes you can apply for a combination of pink and dark grey.

Apply pink eye color on the superior eye lid towards the arcade area. The next phase is to apply dark grey in the external corner of the eye from the superior eyelid to the inferior one. This is quite a normal style of makeup that you may apply for in your daily life.
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The element that makes this makeup fantasy is the fact that you can apply for different colors on at an eye and another one on the other eye. You can put a touch of color on your cheeks in whatever model you wish for and these colors can be from eye colors or from lipstick. Taking as example this image, it won’t be hard at all to realize your own fantasy makeup, be sure of that!

Here’s a fantasy makeup that you can realize yourself with extra attention and patience! The basic step is to apply makeup foundation and give a pleasant aspect to your face. take some shiny eye color in purple and silvery tones and apply the darker tones in shades in the exterior side of the eyes.

The next thing is to take the black and liquid eyeliner and realize a pleasant contour to your eyes, maybe continuing with the exterior side with a prolonged line that stops somewhere where the eye brow stops. It’s indeed an interesting model and it isn’t hard to realize is it?

The only thing that we would suggest is not to apply for a lip contour, because it confers you a cheap look and it’s also really hard to realize in tones and colors.

The last fantasy makeup we want to mention about is in really great colors and tones. Take whatever colors you like; just make sure that these are pretty and shiny:

Start applying them on the superior eyelid and in different layers and portions, you may continue this colored portion towards the eyebrows and when you finish applying these colors you may continue with tracing a thick line with black and liquid eyeliner, you may continue with the line of eyeliner in the inferior eye lid too and end up with adding some extra layers of mascara. It’s indeed a great looking fantasy makeup and we suggest it to you when you go somewhere special.