The concealer can be sometimes a girl’s best friend, not only diamonds have this role! Yes, depending on the type of that you decide to use, you can look just fine and you can use it together with eyeliner or mascara and end up with looking stunning and this is the makeup that you can definitely apply for in your day to day life.

First of all, let’s mention exactly what types of such covering product you can find on the market and we will recommend you how to use these and in what conditions.

There’s the classical liquid concealer that can be found in different formats: in small containers that looks exactly as if they have a normal moisturizer in them, but they are made in a miniature format, there’s also the option that looks like a lipstick and it’s applied with the help of a brush that you can find in the container.
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We recommend you to use such a type at any type of skin you have and it’s ideal to be used in the area of the dark eye circles, directly on these, you can apply it on blemishes and in the areas that you feel that look unpleasant.

You can use the liquid concealer in a very tricky manner! Instead of a lipstick sometimes…. Yes, but you shouldn’t leave only it on the lips, because this will definitely make you look pale. Here’s what you can do in order to fix the lipstick or lip gloss better: add this product first on the lips and then you can continue with adding the lip product. Not only is it going to look greater, but it will last more and more….

Another thing that we need to mention about relates to the concealer that can be found in the format of a stick. This one is semi cream and it doesn’t have the same advantage of that when you use the liquid variant. Indeed, this is the truth! So, you can use it over the foundation or beneath and it’s stronger than if you use a liquid one, it’s really effective, but make sure that you don’t add a big amount of it, because it is going to be noticed.

As for the powder, it’s also really effective and we totally recommend it to you. You can use it on the entire face surface, but make sure that it isn’t that matte and that it’s in perfect coordination with your skin tone!

Ok, so we hope that we presented some useful hints in what concerns the usage of concealer and that you know from now on for what type to apply for. But we totally recommend you to have all these types in your makeup case.