Glamorous makeup styles 2

Did you enjoy reading about our examples concerning glamorous makeup styles? Well, there’s room for more as we consider it and you have here some extra examples so that you make a general idea on how you can be flashy when you go out in a special occasion.
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We start with a really extravagant makeup style that is all about art and highlighting your eyes in a very interesting manner. Let’s start with the eyes and we will indicate some other details that concern the rest of the face. This makeup style is all about using colors and creating the impression of a mask, but not an unpleasant one.

For this makeup style you need purple and blue, but you can use some other colors if you don’t like this combination: yellow and green or whatever shades you think suit you better. You need a purple eye shadow and pencil, a blue crayon and a purple blush. Here’s how you apply all the makeup products on your face: start with contouring your eyes with that blue pencil that we’ve just mentioned and make sure you apply it strongly on the upper eyelids. The next thing is to start from the interior corner of the superior eyelid and add purple eye shade up to the eyebrows and on them. You can continue with the rest of your face and apply blush in that pink – purple tone: use it on the forehead and on your cheeks as well.

The lips have to have a really natural tone, use a creamy nude tone of lip gloss and just see how great your lips will be looking.

The eyelashes can be a key thing when it comes to great looking makeup and some times you can have a makeup style that is based only on the eyelashes you’re wearing. The only thing that we suggest to you is that you don’t apply for kitsch eyelashes with feathers and different other elements on them, because these don’t make you look that great and they give you an unpleasant aspect.

You may adopt the smoky eyes makeup and with these eyelashes to intensify your eyes. Sometimes it’s enough to adopt a long pair of eyelashes and just that and you’re going to look sufficiently glamorous and if you add some layers of mascara on these, you’re going to look amazing! Let’s see how you can apply eyelashes?

You can go to a cosmetics salon and let a profession hand take care of it or you can place them with your own hands with the special glue and armed with patience, just pay attention. We recommend you to go to a professional person when it comes to fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions.