Ways of using eye shadows

It’s impossible not to love playing with eye shadows. You have to admit it: it’s an art and you have to try all the possible styles and ways of applications that there are. In the lines to come we’re going to suggest to you some great eye shadow ideas that can be applied in your daily makeup and you can be sure that the effect is great.

The first makeup hint that we want to offer to you and it concerns of course eye shades concerns the usage of taupe underneath the arcade area. Use this shade or a similar one exactly in the area mentioned and let’s say that you have to continue on the inferior eyelid as well.

Finish with adding mascara. The last thing is to add mascara and you can be sure that you’re going to have an exquisite look and it’s really easy to realize in the same time.
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Another makeup style involves the usage of three different tones of eye shade. Here’s what you have to do: take a light eye shade and apply it on the entire surface of the upper eyelid, take a lighter one and apply it in the corner of your eyebrow, just in the area underneath. The next thing is use a medium in color eye shade and spread it in the exterior corner of your eyes. Also, take the darkest color there is around and use it in the exterior corner of your eyes, just under the arcade. And that’s it!

You already know the smoky eyes makeup, don’t you? Well, it’s a great idea when it comes to making your eyes pop out at least if you use efficient mascara in the same time. Let’s also mention that this type of look it very easy to apply for: you only need dark eye shadows that will be blended in a very great manner and your eyes will definitely be highlighted immediately.

Another way in which you can use eye shadows is to apply for metallic or glittery ones. You can use these all around your eyes or in the exterior corners in order to obtain a very interesting visual effect. The final step is to use mascara and the effect is guaranteed!

Using a dark eye shade around your eyes is also a great idea. Let’s also mention that you can be helped by the lines that you trace in the same time and create the dramatic look that we’ve been mentioning about several times before.