Makeup tips for smoky eyes and lip color

We’ve suggested so many ways in which you can realize the smoky eyes makeup, but we’re sure that you didn’t remain with a fixed idea on how you should blend lip stick with this makeup style. First of all, you need to know that you shouldn’t apply for a really spicy color tone, because the accent is placed on the eyes.

So, as we mentioned previously we’re going to offer you some makeup tips that concern the way in which you blend smoky eyes with the lipsticks or if you use these cosmetic products.

Well, first of all, we recommend you to apply for nude glossy lips. This is indeed a great combination of elements: you mix smoky eyes with transparent lip gloss and the effect is dazzling and it produces a really nice visual effect. Both of your face parts will be highlighted in a pretty manner, but the most focused part still remains that with the eyes.
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We jump to the other combination that concerns smoky eyes and lips. This time we suggest you to blend the eye makeup with a lipstick that has pale pink tone. This one offers a nice visual effect and your lips definitely look interesting in combination with the eye makeup. We totally recommend it and you can be sure that you look sexy with it on.

In case you decide to use strange combination of colors on your eyes, really strong ones and so on, you can definitely apply for using a color tone that will focus all the attention on your interesting eye makeup. There’s the variant in which you can apply for the flesh lip color, in a very natural tone and you can be sure that this will produce a nice visual effect, because everybody will notice only your eyes from the entire complexion.

Light red lips go also great with smoky eyes and you can be sure that you won’t fail with this type of look. Let’s also mention that it has something really retro in it and such a lipstick color tone shouldn’t be absent from your makeup cassette. Indeed, a nice blending of elements, don’t you agree?

The pale peach lipstick would also be a great variant and we guarantee for it. It’s an interesting combination of elements and you can be sure that you won’t fail with it. Also, you won’t fail either with the other suggestions and makeup tips offered up to this moment.

Some other suggestions refer to the pale pink lip stick as well and no matter on what color you decide on, make sure that it’s either in a pale tone or something really bright.