This warm season`s make-up trends

When it comes to make-up the tastes are various and we can begin towards a preference for natural to tribal and using pastel colors! It depends on the attitude and with the first lines we kind of highlighted what`s IN this warm season!

So let`s start with the preference towards natural aspect and also inocent in the same time! Make-up stylists recommend once in a while this type of make-up. It`s refreshing and it marks your natural beauty! In this deomcratic society the tastes are really various, and with this type of look you`ll get away from the mess created for some years now! It`s a simple make-up that highlights the eyes or the lips! You can use contour kohl for the eyes and a natural glossy pink on the lips or red on your lips and a small touch of black on the upper eyelids!

You can also adopt the pastel side! Use strong and full of life colors like orange, green, violet, pink or golden brown! These look exquisite both on white or tanned skin! You can use a shimmering violet on the upper eyelids and a fade pink or violet on the down eyelids, it is also recommended to use violet eyeliner!

Ok, this is only an example of what type of make-up to adopt and it`s for those who have really white skin. For those that have a tanned complexion we recommend the usage of a white eyeliner on the upper eyelid and a glowing one on the down eyelid! You`ll look exquisite! In this case, use a natural brown on your lips and you`re ready to go!

Black remains also in trend when it comes to make-up! You can use a liquid eyeliner in black color to design yourself a perfect contour aroung your eyes, you can go towards the tribal style, but it doesn`t mean that you can adopt such a look for school or for work! You can adopt it while going to a party or a special event!

There`s also a direction towards the gothic style and you surely will be tempted by such patterns! Colors like green, violet or pink combine perfectly with black and highlight the beauty of the eyes and confer them a certain expressivity!

You can use gray in metallic nuances together with black and create a science fiction look, certainly those that will see you, will be amazed!

The safari style has also been a source of inspiration for the stylists and they`ve used different motifs, like feathers or deep colors like orange, brown, green or blue! But it`s not our case to use such patterns, with feathers because we may be considered outrageous if we go in the street with such models on our faces!