Learn more about the 80s makeup styles

This is the last topic that concerns 80s makeup styles up to this moment, but be sure that in the future time you’re going to read more about these, because you have to know many things in what concerns the makeup styles.
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So, we start directly with a sexy looking 80s makeup style, which focuses all the attention towards the eyes and makes these look highlighted and intense in the same time. For this one you need a combination of mauve and purple with violet. These are the main eyeshades that will be combined and we think that you’re going to succeed looking magnificent.

So, let’s see! How do you apply the eyeshades? Well, it isn’t hard at all: apply the darker tones in the exterior corners of your eyes towards the finishing point of your eyebrow and on the inferior eyelid apply entirely the darkest eyeshade that you have in this palette of colors. In the middle side of your upper eyelid you can apply for a warmer tone, continuing with a nude tone in the internal corner. The mascara is really important in this type of makeup because it helps your eyes get more highlighted.

As for the lips, we recommend you to apply for a candy pink tone of lipstick and make sure that it isn’t shimmering; it only needs to be hydrating for your lips. Another thing that we need to mention is the fact that you have to highlight your cheeks with the help of a blush that is in the same tone as the color used on your lips.

We end this topic with a 80s makeup style that has a bit of a punk side and we’re sure that it will seem really interesting for those that feel a little bit rebellious. Leaving the hairstyle behind, we’re sure that the colors used and the style in the makeup will definitely seem interesting to you.

We recommend you to use a really natural tone when it comes to the makeup foundation and the lips should be natural as well, maybe nude. The eyes can be highlighted with the help of a dark purple shade or a brown tone in order to confer you that aggressive aspect. You can also apply for dark eyeliner; this one will help you when it comes to realizing this type of makeup style. Finish with extra layers of mascara and you’re going to look similarly to the rebellious girl in the picture!