Beach look

It’s bronzing time ladies! Well, we know that it’s just that some of you don’t know that when you go to the seaside you have to be as natural as you can. Ok, so there are some key steps in order to be a beach beauty and if you take our pieces of advice into consideration you can be sure that you’re going to look exactly like in magazines.

So the main thing about summer is that you have to try to look as natural as you can. You have to use a small amount of cosmetic products on your complexion and let’s mention that sometimes you may even renounce to these totally.

Let’s start with a key piece of advice: use a smooth of blush and you can be sure that you won’t fail when you want to go to the beach and take some tan. If you look really pale and you want to offer your cheeks a touch of color then it means that the slight touch of blush is what the doctor ordered.
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If you want to highlight your eyes and still want to take a dip in the sea you can always apply for a small quantity of each and make sure that these are waterproof, because you wouldn’t want to have a painted face, or would you?

You can apply for this makeup style as well, if you don’t want to get in contact with water: a nude eye shade, some mascara and also some lip stick with a coral tone. These elements combined together will offer you a great looking aspect and you can be sure that you’re going to feel just great being you.

Who said that you can’t adopt a dramatic makeup on the seaside? Of course you can’t look in this way while you’re getting your tan. Set all the attention towards the eyes: apply for using eye shades in not that dark tones and eyeliner as well. To finish, you may use a peach gloss that will confer your lips a watery aspect and look just great for being kissed.

Let’s also mention that you have to pay extreme attention when it comes to your lips, because they will get mostly damaged by the sunrays and the vague wind- they will look dry and dehydrated. What should be done in this matter? Well, you have to definitely use transparent lip balm while you’re taking your sunbaths and you can be sure of a really healthy pair of lips. Every now and then when you feel these dry, you can apply for using your tongue and make these look fresher and moisturized.