1920s makeup

It’s not hard to look like in the 1920s from the point of view of the makeup and hairdo also. After you read this topic you’ll definitely look like a vintage queen and if we think a little bit this won’t be hard to realize at all….

This makeup highlights both the lips and the eyes and it’s really trendy in our days. We’ll start with suggesting some hints that regard the makeup foundation color. So the foundation you apply should have a really bright tone, towards white or pale. After you use it you may put a touch of color with the help of a pink toned blush.

When it comes to the eyes there are different styles from the same period and we would like to take almost al of them into account. The first model is that in which there is used a black eyeliner on the superior eyelid and there is traced a thin line. Also, you can highlight the inferior eyelids and eyelashes with the help of a pencil. The last level is that in which you apply makeup foundation and you’ll see that the effect is guaranteed.

The lips are also really important and these should be highlighted too. In this case with the usage of the black eyeliner you can adopt a nicely looking red lipstick and you can be sure that you’re part of a vintage story!

Another variant of 1920’s makeup is that in which the lips are really dark and shiny in the same time and these have almost a perfect contour similar to the porcelain masks and old paintings.

The eyes are highlighted with the help of dark eye colors and long eyelashes and also the eyebrows aren’t important at all! You can hide them easily with the help of makeup foundation and white powder.

This type of makeup can be easily used for an extravagant look in which you want all the eyes on you and definitely these will be towards you. Also you can apply for adding a mole with the help of eyeliner or whatever….

The detail with the covered eyelashes can be omitted if you want a 1920s makeup with a modern touch. Make sure that your lips are pretty well highlighted and the eyes too with the help of a dark eye colors, like brown, dark gray or different such tones that go really well and take part of the same historical period.

1920s makeup3

As you can see this type of look isn’t hard to realize at all. You just need to pay attention to the details and what style is usually used when it comes to this model. This makeup is indeed great looking and you can do it in a few minutes without any problems. Make sure that you listen to our pieces of advice and you’re always going to obtain whatever you wish!