Crazy eye makeup

The crazy eye makeup is all about using your imagination! This type of makeup isn’t hard to realize at all, as long you have some basic ideas and a lot of makeup products in different color tones. Let’s not forget also that you have to use both eyeliners and eye colors and these are the basic instruments when it comes to ending up with a great looking makeup style.
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We start with presenting you a nice looking makeup that is crazy in the same time, because of the idea that is adopted. This makeup imitated a strawberry and it’s on one side of your eye. Here’s what you have to do: start with applying makeup foundation on your entire complexion- this product is essential when it comes to fixing the eye colors and the other products.

Start with applying pink pencil around your eyes and after that, add pink eye color all around your eyes towards the arcade and over the eyebrows. On the inferior eyelid, exactly on the line of eye lashes add a trace of dark eyeliner.

On the superior eyelid make a line of liquid eyeliner in black tone and this will definitely highlight your eyes. On the exterior corner of the eyebrows add a darker tone of eye color in order to make the impression of a strawberry, the next step is to make small circles with the help of green eyeliner and somewhere near the forehead make some leaves with green color too. You’re going to end up looking just great and this is definitely a crazy eye makeup.

Here’s another interesting model that we want to present to you and we hope that you understand how it is realized. For this type of makeup you have to use some pretty colors, in very strong tones, like lilac, pink, turquoise and blue.

Take these eye colors, which are shimmering in the same time, and begin adding these on your eyelids and all around. Start playing with these tones and make sure that you go towards the upper side of the eyes, next to the eyebrows and add a lighter tone there.

Of course, you can use this makeup style if you go with the girls in town or at work or wherever…. As you can see, the main idea for this style of makeup is to play with your ideas and hands and we’re sure that you won’t obtain the same makeup every time.

We hope that you like the examples illustrated here and also let’s mention that our suggestions don’t end here and in the future time you’re going to receive some extra information on how you can realize such great looking and kook makeup styles.