Different makeup styles with bright colors

Now that it’s summer you may consider in applying bright color tones on your eyes and play with your ideas and makeup cassette. The next ideas that we’re suggesting to you may serve as basic ideas for a makeup style in a party with different themes and sincerely we don’t recommend it as a casual or daily makeup.
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We start with our first suggestion that involves the usage of colors like blue yellow and red, all of these colors should be matte. Add a light makeup foundation and you’re going to see that the effect will be exceptional, due to the contrast of the colors. We recommend you also not to apply any shades in your cheeks because it doesn’t look that great.

So, let’s see…. Take blue and yellow eye shades in matte tones. Apply the blue tone on the superior eyelid and finish just where the arcades start and make sure to form a slight angle in the external corner of your eyes. On the arcade line you can add a thin line of yellow eyeshade. This will create a nice visual impression and you can continue with this eye shade towards the exterior corner of your eyes and on the inferior eyelids as well. This will create an interesting visual effect you can be sure of that. To finish, add just one layer of mascara on the superior eyelashes and that’s all.

The lips are also essential in this makeup style, because they have to be in a certain contrast with the eyes. Use a matte and really hot red for your lips and you’re going to see just how great these go together.

Here’s another interesting makeup style that will be suitable also for a party or something like that, and we sincerely don’t recommend it for a daily makeup style. Add a really light tone of makeup foundation on your face and add a slight shade on the apples of your cheeks, but don’t make these that visible.

The lips are really important as well, you have to make them look pretty natural and how could it be done better than with the usage of a transparent lip balm, which hydrates your lips and makes them look great in the same time.

So, we continue with the eye makeup, because it’s the key in our presentation, in this case there are used different tones of matte blue eye shades. The basic thing for this makeup style is to play with your imagination and with the colors. Take into consideration our piece of advice: apply lighter eye tones on the arcade and on the interior corner of your eyes and darker ones on the eyelids and in the middle side of your eyes and towards the exterior corner….