Different makeup styles

We hope that you enjoyed our topic that concerned realizing your makeup accordingly to your eye color. We continue with some other suggestions, which are given randomly and it’s not designed for a certain category. So, these types of makeup can be clearly worn in a summer night, while you’re out doing a walk or simply want to be really cool.

We start with suggesting you the first model of makeup and we totally recommend it for hazel or brown eyes. Take a really bright tone of blue making sure that it isn’t shimmering.

Add it on the upper eyelid towards the eyebrows and under these you can apply for a lighter tine in order to realize a nice looking makeup. You can play with blue eyeliner as well. Add some eyeliner on the inferior eyelid, towards the exterior corner of the eye, make a smooth line and that’s it. As you can observe it isn’t hard to realize and you will definitely look great with it on. Try it and if you don’t succeed realizing it from the first instance, then try and try until you end up with a great result.
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Here’s how we continue our list of suggestions with another great looking model, which is made with the help of a matte yellow tone. This color would be ideal for blue or green eyes and the effect is simply dazzling. Here’s what you have to do: take a brush and begin spreading this eye color around your eyes and place the darker tone (because you can use two different yellow shaded, one lighter and the other darker).

different makeup styles 2

Towards the eyebrows continue with adding a very light tone of eye color, white or something like that. Also, on the line of the eyelashes you can apply for a thin line of eyeliner in order to focus all the attention towards your beautiful eyes. The final step consists in applying mascara that will highlight your beautiful eyes and the eye shade that you’ve decided to use.

The last example that we’re offering to you will definitely please your eye instantly. And how is that? Due to the multitude of colors used this type of makeup can be applied on, no matter what color your eyes have. Take the finest colors from your eye makeup cassette and begin playing with the brush all around your eyes in such a manner that you realize a great looking makeup, with interesting usages of colors and segments here and there.

You can also use black eyeliner and highlight your eyes in a very pretty manner together with all the color tones used. Try it and see just how great you’re going to end up looking.