Long lasting make-up products used on the face

We continue our list of make-up products that help you highlight and maintain your tan in the same time offering another list of must have products in the spring-summer season.

We start with a blush cream. This is actually a real cream used on the cheek bones and conferring them a healthy aspect. You can apply it on your cheeks with your fingers and it transforms into a veil of powder giving you a natural and fresh look. You can put as much product as you can on your face and then spread it in that particular area until you reach your desired intensity.

We continue with a powder that can be used on the complexion. If you use it your face will receive a certain degree of transparency and it will be matte in the same time. Let’s also mention that if you use this product you’ll receive a totally fresh and new aspect. It’s 2 in 1 as you can see: it combines both transparency and lightness. How you can use it? Well, rotate the product in order for the powder to release.

The case in which the powder is place has both a mirror and a brush with the help of which you can apply this powder. So as you can see it’s a marvelous product, but make sure that you use it properly and let’s say also that it’s kind of expensive for a simple powder, but it’s worth every penny if you think of the look you’ll obtain after using it.

Here’s another great looking product that may look marvelous on your face. It looks sassy to, with a heart made on the upper side of the product and the signature of the producer. Well, besides this cute aspect we also want to mention that this product will leave your face look nice, smooth and this aspect will last for some good hours. Besides that heart that we’ve mentioned previously the case looks also fancy, with a golden aspect and there is a nice combination of gold and black, which looks interesting.

You have a mirror also that helps you apply the make-up product on your face. How you can apply this product on your skin? Well, very simple! With the help of a powder puff: take the amount of compact powder you need and apply it on your face….

We end with another must have that really has a juicy aspect and we don’t know why, but we feel like eating it every time we look at this case. So, this make-up case has different layers of powder for different purposes: there’s a brown powder used for bronzing the face, other two vivid shades (pink and orange) to highlight your cheeks and a rose pale in order to underline the rounded areas of your face. Use it on the cheekbones areas and you’ll obtain a healthy and great look.

Also, this aspect will be maintained for a white and it won’t be removed even if you put your hands on your face or things like that. Though avoid putting your hands on your face, because it’s unhealthy: you have bacteria on them.