Makeup fall trends 2

So, we got to the conclusion that when it comes to makeup, to this season’s trend all the accent is mostly placed on the eyes and we’re certain that this sounds pretty interesting, because most of the ladies tend to realize their makeup only by placing the accent only on the eyes.

We would like to continue with some other examples of makeup styles for this fall season and we’re sure that you’re going to find these useful when it comes to this season’s looks. Let’s mention that you definitely have tot make into account all the things mentioned here in order to end up with a similar looking look.

So, dramatic, smoky eyes these are the tendencies of this fall season and it’s definitely a pity if you don’t apply for one of these. You can realize such a makeup style with only three simple products: eyeliner, a dark toned eye shadow and mascara. Contour your eyes with the help of the eyeliner and use the eye shadow all around your eyes in order to create that interesting impression. Also, don’t forget to take care of thee eyebrows and brush them, also dye them with the help of a crayon or dye.
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The skin tone is a warm one and you can apply for a peachy tone of blush in your cheeks and as for the lips you can contour them with the help of a peachy lip gloss that will simply make your lips look gorgeous and tasty.

There’s also the accent that is placed on the lashes and you can highlight them with the help of false eyelashes or with adding extra layers of mascara on the superior eyelashes and on the inferior one as well. Next to these highlighted lashes there’s also the bright eye shadow tone that you can apply for and let’s not forget about the creamy looking lip gloss that will be applied on the superior and on the inferior lips as well. It’s indeed a nice combination and it’s really popular in this fall season.

Also, there’s the option in which you can apply for a classical makeup style with a vintage air that has something modern in it as well. Add shadows underneath the arcade line and make sure that you use carefully the black liquid eyeliner on the superior lid and on the inferior one as well. Create the impression of a cat eye look and also add extra layers of mascara on the superior lashes and on the inferior ones as well.

Finish with adding a tone of scarlet red on the lips and this will be done with the help of a lipstick and you’re going to find such models on the market as well and a big range….