Fake mole look

Up to the beginning of the last century women applied for the idea of a fake mole, especially for the area of the complexion. It seemed to her that this detail conferred a plus of sensuality and charm. Fake moles together with the pompous hairstyles were the big pluses for the retro women.

The woman was so overwhelmed by the usage of powder and the mole used to be emphasized from the entire complexion of the woman.

The area most common used for applying these moles is around the mouth; it seems that this element emphasized beauty and the feminine side.
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Today you won’t see this thing being practiced too much, it’s less common, but you’re going to be able to observe it in the world of artists and fashion, but if you want to make the difference only for a day you can try this trick.

You can try such a trick if you want to be different in the wedding day. It can change the way in which you look in a manner in which you never have expected and you’re not going to look vulgar at all if this is what you’re thinking of, but on the contrary…. Do you remember how Marilyn Monroe used to have a mole on her cheek and in this way she was really sensual or the most recent example that we can offer to you is Amy Winehouse.

You’re not going to believe this but there are on the market fake moles that can be bought and applied really easy. Avoid making them with the help of eyeliner, because you’re going to fail – it’s going to fade away and you risk being ridiculous.

Also, you risk the people surrounding you to believe that you have a fake mole and this thing isn’t elegant at all. The idea is that you seem as natural as possible and you don’t want to look like a clown. It may sound too harsh, but it’s true!

If you want to make a fake mole over the lip and you want it to be maintained and you want it for a long while then we recommend you to tattoo such a mole. You can try a permanent or semi – permanent tattoo and the visual effect obtained is definitely interesting.

So, if you wan to add an extra interesting touch to your bridal makeup and apply for a retro look then you definitely need to take into account the usage of a fake mole – it’s going to make you really sexy and unique in the same time! Good luck in the combinations you intend on doing for the big day.