Make-up products for complexion

We just couldn’t get enough of presenting you make-up products that are really great for your face and which make you look divine, so we’re back with this topic presenting you some great products that are really effective, but you have to pay some extra dollars for them.

We start with a cream foundation that does wonders. We were delighted to see how many great things are there mentioned about it and we got to the conclusion that it is really worth it. This moisturizer can be found around the price of $100, but you decide whether it’s great or not. Apply it on your face with the help of a brush and you’ll see how it does wonders! Besides the fact that it’s covering your not so aesthetic parts it does wonders when it comes to anti-aging. Your skin will remain elastic, hydrated and you’ll say goodbye step by step to lines and wrinkles. Your face will feel like on of a teenager.

The next product for your complexion is a powder blush, which can be found in a jar format. Here’s how you apply it on your face: take the powder puff and press it a little bit in the blush, then shake it a little bit in order for the quantity of powder not to be too much, smile and begin playing with the puff on the corners of your face. The color is really sweet and you’ll feel your cheekbones caressed by it, both by the texture of the blush powder and the puff. Let’s not forget the price: it’s half of the product’s price mentioned previously….

The next product isn’t that expensive, it’s a concealer and it does wonder if you know where to use it! This product is under the format of a stick and it’s easy to use. This product’s texture helps your dark eye circles to be covered perfectly and also to obtain maximum luminosity in the eye areas: so say goodbye to imperfections. All types of skins can use this concealer and if you don’t know how to use it we’ll offer a piece of advice concerning this aspect too. So, take the stick and begin to simply press over the dark circles and the areas with imperfections….

The next thing is to spread it with the help of your finger tips and see the results. You can apply this product both under the make-up foundation and over it and you can be sure that you’ll look magnificent.

We end with another great product, which is a blush. This cosmetic asset can be found in various nuances and what’s so great about it is the fact that it combines two different styles and it results a marvelous thing: you cheeks will look both shiny and matte in the same time. When you apply this product with the help of the powder puff, you’ll feel that your cheeks are caressed! This product can be found in various nuances and it is long lasting. The price may seem too much for a small case of blush, but it’s worth: about $50.