Gothic makeup

Gothic makeup looks great if you know how to apply it in such a way that you don’t look like a freak. This type of makeup is really interesting and if you listen attentively to our pieces of advice then you’re going to know for sure how to look great and not scary!

So for this type of makeup you need the lightest tone of makeup foundation there’s on the market and maybe some white powder too. Also, you need black eye color or powder eyeliner and a thin brush with which to apply the color around your eyes. For the lips, there is needed a rich and glossy lipstick in a vivid tone, like red, orange red or something similar to this tone.

Let’s take it step by step and describe what is needed to be done in order to look really nice with a gothic makeup on, shall we? First of all, you need to give a special look to your complexion, like white and in the cheeks use just a slight shade.
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The next step is for the eyes; take the brush and the black eye powder or the black powder eyeliner and start first with contouring your eyes and then extend the dyed area as much as you wish. Also, you can use in the interior side of the eye a black eye pencil in order to highlight your eyes better. It’s not hard at all, see? You can end with adding some extra layers of mascara, but this won’t do any good, because the attention will be focused on the eyes just with the adding of the black powder.

Finish with adding some lip gloss to your lips and you’ll see just how the entire image of the gothic makeup is completed. This is the classical look of this genre and there are different variations in the few years, with modern elements…. The basic idea, thus, is this one!

You can also apply only for highlighting your eyes and leaving your lips only with a natural touch. Take the light makeup foundation and apply it on your eyes and the next phase is that in which you trace some fine lines around your eyes with the help of a liquid eyeliner. Also, you can realize whatever models you wish on your eyes and do these as thin as you can!

Besides highlighting the eyes pretty much there are also some other variants of gothic makeup, those in which the lips are underlined pretty much with the help of a black lipstick or even a dark red. In these cases you can apply for leaving your eyes with a thin black line or with highlighting them too. It depends on your tastes and be sure that no matter what you decide on, you’ll end up looking really gothic! Another thing that you shouldn’t forget about is the fact that you need that white aspect to your face in order to make the image complete.

So, make up your mind on one style of all the ones presented above and realize a great looking gothic makeup in order to shock everybody and express also your personality through it!