Gifts in weddings

And now that we were speaking about wedding gifts it would be nice not to stop only at the previous examples…. You have to search for some other gifts that haven’t been offered to any other wedding. We were thinking of original clocks, for the groom or for the bride. In her case, an original idea of clock would be that of an adorned bracelet with different shapes and for him- a pocket clock or a cigarette case. Also, objects for adorning with different futuristic motifs would definitely be an original option, which is going to find its place in the couple’s home.

gifts in weddings

Frames, table ornaments or different objects for light adapted to the style of the couple can be found in different decoration shops or they can be bought on the internet as well. we think that very popular as well are the authentic objects, eventually those that have an exotic provenience, like African masks, tribal drums or lucky amulets- different decoration elements that have shapes of elephants, medallions in shape of turtles that bring luck and prosperity to the freshly wedded ones.
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A daring proposal from your side would be substituting the list of marriage that the bride and groom open at a specialized shop or in something with a list that contains gifts that you can offer as well, following that the groom and the bride choose what they want more and more.

gifts in weddings 2

In case you’re from outside the city where the wedding takes place and you haven’t succeeded to come with an interesting gift to the bride and groom, don’t panic! Send them first of all a congratulation card that can be virtual or by post in which you’re going to thank them for their wedding invitation and wish them to live happily ever after. Specify in the same time, but in a discrete manner the fact that they’re going to receive a gift from your side, through the post.

It’s not a problem if you offer something to them that they already have, like we don’t know what object from the kitchen, different sets or something like that.

Replacing them is going to be necessary, most of all if their replacement is continuous. It seems that the marriage list is used by those that have a relation that are together in less time and don’t live together or don’t have a proper home, eventually if they live with rent or just moved in a new apartment that they’ve never got to use.

How about that? Do all these ideas seem interesting enough to you?