Personalized custom plaque with scannable glass art featuring song
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10 Wedding Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Let’s face it: shopping for other people can be challenging and maybe even a little stressful. Of course, when it comes to a wedding, the couple will generally give you some ideas, because they’ll likely create a wedding registry.

Having a list of items in a registry to choose from can be a tremendous help—but even so, many of the items on the list may be dull or lackluster. ‘Cause really, how exciting is it to gift someone a set of wine glasses? Instead, why not think outside the box and buy the couple a wedding gift they’ll really love?

One way to do this is to shop for something that fits their favorite hobby or interests. And if they’re music lovers, there are some pretty fabulous ideas out there. So we put together a list of 10 wedding gift ideas for music lovers that they’ll absolutely adore.

Whether they’re in a band, they’re Karaoke-crazy, or they just like to sing as loud as they can in the car (who doesn’t?), these music-themed wedding gifts are definitely made for them. Let’s get started!

The Best Wedding Gifts For Music Lovers

1. First Dance Lyric Canvas

Give a gift they’ll absolutely cherish for life: their first dance lyrics on a canvas. What an ingenious and unique idea! Gift this heartfelt souvenir to your significant other to strike a chord with them. You can actually make a bespoke wall piece out of any cherished tune, whether it’s the soundtrack of their first kiss or the first dance at their wedding. Choose from various sizes to ensure that it matches your existing decor.

 Bedroom with canvas wall art featuring lyrics from the first dance of a couple
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2. Showerhead with Speaker

With the Moxie® showerhead and wireless speaker, sound literally washes over you. The all-new Moxie showerhead and wireless speaker transform your regular showering, turning every shower into an immersive sensory experience by combining a great spray with a best-in-class high-quality audio speaker with sound by Harman Kardon®. You can quickly get ready with an energizing tune or wind down with your favorite podcast—the options are endless!

Shower head with speaker attached to wall
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3. Soundwave Art Paper Favorite Song Print

This may appear to be simply another abstract artwork to the untrained eye. But the music enthusiast in your life will recognize this remarkable piece of art as the soundwave of their favorite song.

To make this a particularly memorable gift, personalize everything about the present—from the size and color to the music and the phrases printed on it. Pretty awesome, right?

Wall art featuring soundwave of favourite song of married couple
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4. Beats Pill & Portable Wireless Speaker

What? The wedding couple doesn’t have a portable, wireless speaker? Hook them up with this nifty little device. It might be compact, but don’t underestimate the power this thing puts out! It’s compatible with iOS and Android, has a 12-hour rechargeable battery, and the enhanced speaker lets you make and receive calls with clarity.

Beats Pill Portable wireless speaker in black
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5. Headphone Sunglasses

We didn’t even know these existed, but here they are—Frames Tenor 55mm Audio Sunglasses. A fantastic wedding gift for those friends that love all the cool new tech gadgets, as well as those who are music lovers.

These sunglasses contain built-in speakers, allowing your friend, or whoever the lucky gift receiver is, to listen to whatever they want conveniently and quietly. These glasses also include a microphone with a Bluetooth link if they need to switch to make a phone call.

Black sunglasses with microphone and speakers
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6. Vinyl Record Song Lyrics

Most couples have a special song they love, which fits in with their love story. You know, the one where every time it comes on, they say, “that’s our song.” Wall art of the vinyl record with that song’s lyrics on it is an incredible wedding gift for those couples. It’s a unique gift that can be cherished for life, rather than getting shoved in a drawer or cabinet like many gift ideas on wedding registries.

These personalized prints put a favorite song’s lyrics in the shape of a vinyl record to commemorate it. Cotton, linen, mineral paint, and salvaged wood are then used to create each piece. The final products are then framed, mounted, and ready to hang.

Unique wedding gift idea song lyric wall art in rustic frame
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7. Custom Spotify Glass Art Night Light

We love this idea! It’s a scannable glass piece of art that connects to your favorite song on Spotify. In addition, it features a photo and doubles as a night light. Such an excellent idea!

Personalized custom plaque with scannable glass art featuring song
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8. Cameo – Favorite Artist Shoutout

What? Who knew that this was even a thing? Gift the newlyweds a personalized video message from their favorite musician. YES! That’s right! You can have a famous artist create a custom video message to congratulate the newlyweds on their “I Do’s.” What could be better than that? Check these out on

Photo of Cameo website offering personalized videos featuring your favorite star
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9. Asobu Wireless Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This wireless bottle is the perfect water bottle to take on the go! It’s insulated and provides hours of music wherever you go. No need to take multiple gadgets. This is your water bottle and Bluetooth speaker in one.

The speaker cap is simple to connect to any cell phone or iPad, so simply turn it on, and you’re ready to go with your music and beats. This is the perfect gift for friends that always need to have tunes by their side.

White stainless steel water bottle with speaker
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10. Spontuneous Song Game

This could be the ultimate wedding gift for all the board game lovers in the world, as well as music lovers everywhere. Spontuneous is a board game that demands players sing or yell out songs, allowing them to put their own and their friends’ musical expertise to the test. The game’s goal, which is raucous fun for the whole family, is to sing at least five words from any song based on the other player’s trigger word. An interactive wedding gift that will create memories every time it’s used.

Music lovers board game Spontuneous
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The perfect wedding gifts for music lovers are the ones that will help them enjoy their favorite music even more or show off their love of sound. The gifts on the list above are designed to do just that! For more wedding gift ideas, check out this guide to wedding gifts under $100!