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5 Reasons a Honeymoon Registry Is NOT ‘Tacky’

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photo credit: muha… via photopin cc

Do you secretly want to set up a honeymoon registry but are nervous your friends and family will think it is TACKY? If you are spending anytime in wedding forums you will come across (if you have not already) the dreaded conversation about how tacky it is to register for your honeymoon. It is time we bust down the TACKY stigma and give you 5 reasons to register for your honeymoon.

1. You Already Have the Kitchenware You Need

The average age of engage couples is 29*, for those of you who are walking down the aisle for the second time – you are probably a bit ‘wiser’. Check your cupboards, are they full of dishes and glasses? Do you have sheets on your beds? This means that you already have the household items traditional gifts are supposed to help you acquire.


You friends and family cannot ship the spa treatment, snorkel trip, or romantic dinner for two. They do not actually buy you 1/10th of your plane ticket and because it is a cash GIFT, they do not have to pay sales tax on it. Your guests will LOVE that you have made finding the gift part of your wedding ridiculously easy.

3. 100% Authentic

You and your fiance get to do whatever your hearts desire on your honeymoon. You can use the money to splurge on a couples massage, ride elephants, zipline, buy sunscreen, eat tacos, learn to hula, or donate it to a local charity. Cash is the most versatile gift, meaning you can use it in a way that is 100% authentic and meaningful to you.

4. Memories Are Powerful Gifts

However you chose to spend the money, you will be creating memories together and celebrating your new status as a married couple. You will think about all of your friends and family that made it possible and they will become a part of the memory. Memories cannot be replaced and you will cherish the memories you make on your honeymoon for decades to come.

5. Be a Part of Something Bigger

Gifts are not about the product itself, but what message goes along with it. For the honeymoon registry gift, the message is: have an awesome time celebrating your love however you choose. That is so much bigger than the message behind a toaster. It really is the thought that counts.

A honeymoon registry may not allow for tangible products to be wrapped up in a box with a bow on top, but it is still an amazing way for your friends and family to kickstart your marriage. There is nothing tacky about that. Find a honeymoon registry that reflects you and your fiance and emphasizes the intangible gifts. As long as you are asking your friends and family to be a part of a meaningful gift, they will support you.

**Most honeymoon registries will charge a credit card processing fee – the fees are typically less than a traditional gift that has sales tax and shipping tacked on.

Cynthia Kellogg is the CEO of Gift Gather. She is an expert on the gift giving ritual and is dedicated to making sure you have a meaningful gift exchange for all the special moments you celebrate. Follow her on Google.

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