Less-expensive wedding decorations

Did it ever come into your mind to make wedding testimonies in your own hands? The idea is not that expensive, but it takes time and patience! But if you`re able to have these “features” here are some basic steps in order to make less-expensive wedding testimonies, which are also original and more appreciated by your guests!


So here is the first example! Buy some old metallic boxes, some paint and a brush! The colors you use must match the other motifs and accessories of the wedding! After you have matched the colors with the other elements, just begin and paint the exterior of the box in what models come into your mind! After you finish painting it, let the paint dry and put a little object that reminds the guest about your wedding and you`re done! Simple and cheap in the same time, isn’t it? You can place some bonsons in the boxes or miniature weeds with a cerd that carries your names on it!
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Another idea is to take curl papers, some scissors and a small bouquet of flowers! Take only one flower and place it into the curl paper, but do this after you`ve cut their strains really small! You can attach to these little improvised vases a card with your names on it and you`re done! It looks simply enchanting and it`s less expensive than the idea above!

A good wedding testimony can be marmalade or jam jar, of course filled with that sweet composition! It doesn’t matter if the jam is made by you or it`s bought, just make sure that the jar hasn’t got any stickers on it and you can see the marmalade in the interior! Take a ribbon also and some felt knitted material! Place the knitted cloth over the upper side of the jar and tie it with the ribbon that ends with a bow! Place next to the jar a finely cut paper with your initials!


Speaking of knitted cloths, here`s another hint! Take some aromatic plants and the exterior cover of an orange, which you cut very finely! Don`t forget about the ribbon (as you can see it`s a very important object in all these hand made stuff)! Place the aromated ingredients in the knitted piece of cloth! Tie it with a ribbon and place a nice cut paper beside this little bag with your initials! Great idea, isn’t it?

The final suggestion regards also the hand made features! Take a good looking class, some glittery stuff a little candle a fine cut paper and some glue! Place the glittery plastic things on the base of the glass with the help of the glue, fill the glass with water and place the candle inside the glass! The product that you obtain will simply look enchanting and you must try to apply for it!


As you can see, you can have great looking testimonies, as long as you apply to imagination and patience! If you can handle it alone, ask the help of your future husband, he`ll be glad to help you!