Awesome Gifts for the Groomsmen


Besides engaging them in the best bachelor party ever, you might be asking yourself what gifts to get the groomsmen in your wedding. These people are obviously pivotal parts of your life or you wouldn’t have them in your wedding, so you don’t want to get them just any old thing. At the same time, wedding costs add up FAST, so you certainly can’t buy each of them a trip to Jamaica (though you wish you could). There’s no need to worry, especially with everything else on your plate. Read on for tips on awesome gifts for the groomsmen in your wedding.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t get groomsmen gifts that are erring on the side of ho-hum. A unique gift can also be something they use. Grab something they can wear on the big day. Some personalized bow ties from Knotty Tie would definitely do the trick, and colorful suspenders will offer a fun surprise in the wedding photos. We can also imagine a group shot of everyone wearing these hilariously unique socks for men. One idea we think all groomsmen would really get a kick out of would be these group caricatures. Especially if they’re all friends, seeing their personalities come out in the artistry would be amazing.

Get Boozie

A wedding is often an alcohol-fueled occasion, and men are known for their love of craft beers and/or a good scotch. But don’t just get them their favorite bottle of liquor. Go next-level gifting with an engraved decanter from, a personalized beer opener flask, or wine bottle. This is a conversation starter to be sure and will serve them well in all of their future entertaining endeavors.

Positively Personalized

We’ve already mentioned a few of these above, but personalized gifts are a way to really go above and beyond. Because their initials are unique to them, these types of gifts are automatically more special. We suggest personalized whiskey barrels, coolers, or pocket watches. Dudes don’t like to often admit to sentimentality, but these personalized touches would surely mean a lot to them. The sky is truly the limit, and you can add a heartfelt touch to your gift by picking items that are indicative of each groomsman’s personality and hobby preferences. For one it could be a set of personalized golf balls, while you could order a personalized coffee mug for that consummate professional that needs his daily caffeine fix to make the work day fly by. Take your time to think of items you know they’ll use.

Go Philanthropic

If you’re running short on time and inspiration, philanthropy is always a solid choice. Much like how many couples are now donating to charities in lieu of wedding favors, you can do this for your groomsmen. Simply send them a nice heartfelt card telling them that you’ve made a donation to [Insert Charity Here] in their honor. This is a gift you, your future spouse, and the groomsmen can feel great about. Check out to find a great cause.

Incorporate the Bachelor Party

Another thing you can do for your groomsmen is to offer to pay for a meal or the like while you are all together on your bachelor party. It could be a day of skiing (although this could add up!), a dinner out, or a show. If you’re going to the unofficially official bachelor party destination that is Las Vegas, you could get each groomsmen a certain amount in gambling chips. It’s not something physical they can take with them but the memories will last a lifetime (especially if they win big on the tables!).

Wedding party gifts should be the last thing you need to worry about, so follow these tips for a bull’s-eye when it comes to awesome gifts for your groomsmen.