Colorful suits for grooms

No matter what the groom chooses to wear in his wedding day, it is important he suits with the bride, in colors and in cuts! After all, the bride and groom is a couple, people that are going to spend their life together, and must begin to suit one and other beginning their holly matrimony day!


Here is a little hint if the groom likes colors: if you want to be colorful in your wedding day, which is a wonderful thing (it highlights the fact that you`re a happy person and you want to be different from others), you must know that only 3 colors are appropriate in using, try using a stripe costume, with black stripes here and there, and the other 2 colors must suit with each other! A suggestion can be this one: the truck and the pants in the same color, the vest in another color and the elegant shirt in ivory or white nuance! In order to be sober and elegant you can`t combine more than 2 colors!

Suiting one and another in clothes is an idea most of us have when speaking of a married couple! The two must think of some patterns that are in common in both gowns: we`re speaking of patterns in colors and not in clothing! Here`s an example: if the bride has an ivory dress, she may have in the bouquet a red flower, or maybe on her dress some red elements that need to fit with the groom`s handkerchief! This detail can be a singular one, there aren`t needed any other elements to suit, this one is enough!


The wedding gown for the groom, can be changed in the night, when the party takes place, and if he didn`t have enough courage to apply for a colorful suit during the religious ceremony, he may use one during the party!

If you`re not convinced yet of applying to a colorful suit, here`s another example of a suit that may suit you better that the other ones, mentioned before: a truck in light red with white stripes, the trousers in darker nuances that the truck suit, a green tie and handkerchief that are in contrast with the colors used in the costume! It may sound outrageous, but when you`ll try it on, you`ll see how wonderful it looks on you, and how wonderful you look in it!


No matter for what colors you apply for, you`ll certainly look wonderful, make sure you suit with your bride and everything will go according to the plan! No matter how the guests will look at you, be sure they admire your courage of getting out of the boring lines of the grooms that wear black and white! No more things to say, than good luck in the choices you make and make sure you won`t look like a clown! Listen to the piece of advice mentioned above!