Sexy and trendy groom suits

In this year it seems that the groom tends to be sexier and sexier and the suit that he wears in his wedding day is getting closer to the body shapes. Indeed, you can get to think that this is an unpleasant image and that’s why we’ve decided to write this topic, because you’re going to change that wrong opinion and you’re going to think that these groom suits are really sexy looking and that they can be possible options for your wedding day.

Animal prints become a basis when it comes to this year’s trends for groom suits. We’re certain that the examples offered here are going to change your perspective a little bit and that you’re going to reconsider buying a classical model of suit.

We start with out first suggestion that consists of a black suit which is made of shiny fabric and on which you can observe certain patterns.

sexy and trendy Groom suits

In the front side of this costume there’s the V neckline and at its basis there are two button details. The elegant jacket has two pockets and it definitely looks interesting in combination with the other details. As for the shirt that is worn underneath, it’s white and it has semi transparent patterns on it. We’re sure that this combination will seem a good option for you as to change your mind when it comes to classical suits. The pants are straight and can get really close to your legs as to uncover the sexy groom in you.
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We continue with another great looking suggestion of nice and sexy combinations that you as a groom can wear in your wedding day. So, we’ve got some other suggestions that are going to make you seem interested.

sexy and trendy Groom suits 2

So, here’s how we continue with this fine example: here’s a nice printed white elegant shirt that has long sleeves and it’s kind of loosened on the body. This one is combined with a pair of elegant black pants that are straight and tight on the legs, but tight in a very comfortable manner. The pants have two elegant pockets and they’re combined in a gorgeous way with the shirt. Also, the prints on the shirt and on the pants are similar and great looking! We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about this example!

If you want to look sexy indeed then it means that this ultimate example is going to leave you speechless. Well, we’ve got here a great combination of modern elements and the usage of imagination is indeed breathtaking.

sexy and trendy Groom suits 3

How about a pair of elegant classical pants combined with a sleeveless shirt in black. This combination will definitely make you look sexy and great looking in the same time and if you combine it with a pair of elegant shoes then the look is absolutely complete.