Interesting models of groom suits

When it comes to weddings the whole fuss is around the bride. We have thought that it would be nice to take a break from talking about dresses, shoes and accessories and talk about the groom, for a change. After all, he has to have a nice appearance, as well, but the thing with the grooms is that the main focus is the suit. Not the accessories, not the shoes and definitely not the haircut. So, let us approach this suit theme and give you some suggestions.
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A first idea would be to go for a white suit. A fully white suit. One you will match with a white vest and a white tie, of course. Make sure they are all from different fabrics, though, because you will need to create a contrast. The shoes, of course, cannot be a mismatch. They must be white, but in their case plain leather will do.


Another interesting suit model is a groom suit that consists in white wool jacket with only one button, silk pants, an elegant cotton shirt and a red bow tie that will match a red hankie placed in the frontal pocket of the jacket.


If your wedding theme happens to be fairytale then you will have to look like a prince. And for that look appropriate would be a coat in a strong black matched with an elegant cotton shirt with some black buttons in the front, a belt and a bow tie that are also black and let us not forget about the black leather shoes. This aspect will be wonderfully matched with that of the bride and your wedding appearance will impress all the attendees.

But back to ground level, most grooms prefer black for their wedding suit. So, we will continue with another nice model composed of a silk jacket with two buttons, a wool and silk vest, an elegant cotton shirt, a silk bow tie and same type of simple black shoes.


Another good combination in the same tones would imply a wool jacket in a black nuance, buttons at the base of the sleeves also in a black nuance, a cotton elegant shirt and a long black tie. The shoes should be also black, and if the groom has a funky hairdo, he would certainly have a sexy and interesting aspect at the same time.

If you want to host a highly formal wedding it would be nice if you could wear a classical suit. A black redingote made of wool and silk with two rows of buttons and three buttons made from a metallic material are basically the ingredients for this look.