10 Unique Wedding Gifts for Your Soon-To-Be Spouse

Are you stumped on what to get your spouse for the bride and groom gift exchange? Here are 10 unique wedding gifts that your new spouse will love!

The big day has finally arrived! And as if marrying the love of your life isn’t gift enough, it’s time for the tradition of the bride and groom gift exchange.

But wait… what kind of gifts are you supposed to exchange? Does it have to be traditional or can you go for something fun? The good thing about this is, you can write your own rules! So why not give them a gift that’s as unique as they are.

To get you started, let’s look at 10 unique wedding gifts you can give your soon-to-be spouse. And the best part is, these ideas are good for either the bride or groom.

1. Cheers to Forever

Custom glassware is always a great gift idea to mark your special day! And the fun part about it is, you can personalize it any way you want. 

No matter if you guys love beer, wine, whiskey, or any number of beverages, there’s a set of glasses that are ideal to customize with engravings of your wedding day. You can even have a fun little flask made to slip your bride or groom that is pre-filled with their favorite liquor… just in case they need to settle their wedding day jitters!

2. Give an Experience

Experiences can mean so much more than physical “stuff”. So give your main squeeze an experience they will never forget.  Buy them tickets to a concert. Surprise them with a trip. Or take them to a Broadway show.

You can even find out something they have on their bucket list and help them check it off. It doesn’t matter what you do. Just so long as it’s something that will they will enjoy and generates memories that will last a lifetime.=

3. Make It Sparkle

Guys and girls alike love a little bling for special occasions, so make your gift sparkle. Jewelry is always a good idea for the ladies. Earrings, a necklace, bracelet, or even a ring (besides her wedding ring). And putting a little thought into it, like adding her birthstone, is always a special touch.

Guys can mark the big day by a gift of shiny new cufflinks. Have both of your initials engraved in one link and your wedding date engraved in the other. It’s the perfect gift he can wear for years to come.

4. Go Team!

Are you guys sports nuts? Then show your team spirit!

Have his and hers jerseys from your favorite team made with your last names on them. As a bonus, she’ll love having something she can wear to show off her new last name. Or instead of last names, have one say Hubby and the other say Wifey. Either way,  it’s a fun memento of your special day that you can sport proudly on game day.

5. It’s the Little Things That Count

The size of the gift isn’t what matters. It’s the thought behind it that makes it special. Instead of one big gift, plan thoughtful small gifts to surprise your spouse-to-be throughout the day.

Have their favorite cup of coffee delivered to them that morning. Surprise them with a delivery of flowers (or a cookie bouquet if they have a sweet tooth) later on. Have their friends give them other little gifts from you at planned times throughout the day.

It will show effort, thought, and love when you make sure they have everything they need to feel special on your wedding day.

6. Creative Art

Is your significant other arty? Or maybe they’d love to have a special piece from your day to hang in their office?

There are a plethora of custom art designs you can order on Etsy, or anywhere you love to get custom artwork.

It can show the dates you met, got engaged, and got married. Or display the hometowns of the bride and groom combined with the new hometown of the happy couple. Whatever design you choose to mark the special day will be perfect between the frames of an art piece.

7. Ancient Traditions

Or maybe your spouse-to-be loves the deep-rooted gifts of tradition. It can represent family, heritage, religion, or anything ancient they hold dear.

Find out if their family has any traditional gifts that get passed down throughout the generations on wedding days. If they have a family crest, have it engraved in a way that you can display in your new home together. Or have a new crest made for your newly formed family.

You can even have custom wedding coins made to serve as ancient pledges to share your life together.

8. The Gift of Time

Giving a fancy watch at a bride and groom gift exchange is always a stylish idea. But you can make it unique by adding your own personal touch.

Have a special message engraved on the back of the timepiece. Or have the message stitched into the watch band itself. Or take it to a dapper level by making the gift a pocket watch. You can have your message engraved inside the piece. That way your love is reminded of your commitment every time they check the time.

9. DIY a Memory

Not all special gifts can be bought in a store. Sometimes the best gift of all comes from love, time, and some special thought!

Create a video message for your significant other from their friends and family. Think of several people they hold dear. Then record them while you ask questions about your spouse-to-be or advice they’d like to give.

Using a simple movie editor can bring it all together. Then have it played for the bride or groom while they’re getting ready for the wedding. There won’t be a dry eye in the house so include a box of tissues.

10. Say It in Writing

If you don’t have the budget for gifts or prefer to keep it simple and meaningful, why not write out your feelings on paper.

Tell your love what they mean to you. Express your feelings about the big day. Talk about how much you’re looking forward to a future with them. Handwritten letters are old-fashioned, romantic, and fantastic.

Start Forever off Your Way with These Ideas for Unique Wedding Gifts

Your spouse-to-be is one in a million. Make their gift as unique as they are with these ideas for unique wedding gifts.

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