Best Man Attire Trends for 2017

Weddings are joyous occasions. They are a chance for everyone to get together to celebrate and dress up in some nice clothes. Naturally, for occasions like this everyone wants to look as good as possible.

This is especially the case for the best man who plays an important part in the ceremony itself, as well as being someone the groom relies on throughout the day. What he wears needs to complement the way the bride and groom is dressed. For this reason, when it comes to how the best man is dressed, the couple usually have the final say. Most of the time, he will be asked to wear a suit that is similar to the one that the groom will be wearing.

Each year, wedding style trends change. As you will see 2017 is no exception. As you will see, this year, simple yet sophisticated and stylish suits seem to be what most grooms, and their best men, will be wearing.

Single Breasted Jackets

The majority of the jackets we have seen are single-breasted. Most are slim fit, or structured, but there are also quite a few sack style jackets available, so it is possible to find one that works for every body type. They are designed to be worn buttoned up, so most have two buttons, but three button versions are available.

Many jackets feature double pockets on one side of the jacket. This extra pocket is the perfect place for the best man to keep the rings safe.

Classic Straight Trousers

Most of the trousers that are available are straight cut. These look smart, and work well for most body types.

Tuxedos and Morning Suits

It is important for the suits that the wedding party wears to be special. The last thing you want if for the men to look like that they are about to attend a business meeting.

 To avoid this happening many couples opt to have the men in the wedding party dress in a cut that is not seen much in everyday life. That is one reason morning style suits and tuxedos are still popular. This wedding fashion trend is set to stay. However, understandably, most people prefer to hire this style of suit rather than buy them.

Three Piece Suits

For 2017, waistcoats are very much in vogue, so you can expect to see a lot of wedding parties kitted out in three piece suits. Most are cut from the same material as the rest of the suit, but if you want something a bit more interesting they are available. It is just that you may need to buy a two piece suit, and buy the waistcoat separately.

A Muted Colour Palette

The majority of the suits we have seen in the shops, this year, are plain and mainly available in blue or grey tones. Although a few retailers are also stocking light brown and olive green suits.

For 2017, check patterned suits are another potential option. Most of the ones we have seen, so far, are very low key, and subtle, but they are still a good option for a best man that does not want to wear a plain suit.