7 Tips For Going To Your First Indian Wedding


Big Fat Indian Weddings are getting more and more popular these days. We want to help you be ready if you are lucky enough to be invited to one of these glorious shindigs.

Here are 7 quick tips to do it right when you go to an Indian Wedding:

1. Be Colorful

Indian weddings are a fun, colorful affair. Avoid pure black or white as those are for more somber affairs in Indian culture. Do not wear too much red either as that is usually reserved for the bride.

2. Have Multiple Indianwear Outfits

Indian weddings usually occur over a 3-5 day period. You will want more than one colorful outfit. For the ladies grab yourself a Saree for one day and a Salwar Suit for another. Guys, just get a couple combos of Kurta Pyjamas and you are set.

Traveling to India? You can use popular Indian fashion websites to have outfits shipped to your hotel. Save a little extra if you find an online sale or use Myntra or Jabong coupons. Those are the two best sites for online purchasing.

3. Give Money As Your Gift

Straight cash is a normal gift for Indian weddings. Find a nice card and stuff a denomination that ends with a 1 in the there. Tradition is that numbers that end in 1 are lucky: $51, $101, $151…

4. Eat The Food

Indian food is incredibly flavorful. It’s not all spicy and it’s not all vegetarian. There will be food for all kinds of pallettes. Just ask the waiters or caterer what would be good for you and they will find you something.

5. Don’t Worry About Time

Nothing will start on time at an Indian wedding. It’s a big event and takes a lot of coordination so be flexible.

6. Learn Some Bollywood Moves

There will be dancing and you should study up on some fun moves for the floor before you go. Watch this video for a couple easy steps:

7. Ladies, Wear The Fancy Jewelry

Indian wedding jewelry is some of the prettiest you can find. Get yourself an accent piece for your outfit and have some fun with it. Do not show up the bride. One nice piece should be fine.

You excited?! Good, now you should have a good idea for your first Indian wedding as a guest. Have fun!