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Thoughtful Wedding Gifts to Buy A Couple With Children – Toys, Electronics & Experiences

So one of your favorite couples is getting hitched, and they have younglings from other relationships. Rather than spending waaaay too much time wondering what the heck to get them or any other engaged couple with kids, use our convenient guide.

You will probably find the oh-so-perfect gift among the options listed here, or at least the inspiration you need to find something ah-mazing. Whatever you decide on, as long as your gift is from the heart and truly given with love, you’re golden. If you are interested in giving a heartwarming and religious gift for children, then we suggest you check out Holyart where you can find many unique options. If you are looking for a fun and playful gift, then read on, and be enlightened with some of these fun gifts for children. :


Perhaps you want to give the engaged couple with kids in your life some new toys for their little shavers to play with. The kiddos will love that your gift is something awesome for them!


Encourage birdwatching and quality time exploring the great outdoors with these kiddie-friendly binoculars. They feature large rubber eyepieces for easy, comfortable viewing that does not include getting poked in the eye. The eyepieces are even foldable for kids with glasses. Made of durable, shock-proof plastic, these binoculars comes with BAK4 prism blue coating optics so images are always crisp and colorful. Magnification is also possible–up to eight times! Nice, right?

Magnetic Building Block Set

The fun of traditional building blocks enjoys a new twist with this fabulously-colorful set ideal if the couple you are buying for has really little ‘uns. Safe, fun, and made of conveniently non-toxic plastic, the couple’s kids will spend hours piecing the blocks together into all kinds of awesome shapes. This is a great toy for developing young minds learning all about shapes and colors…it encourages creativity, too!

Walkie-Talkie For Kids

If you and your engaged friends grew up LOVING walkie-talkie-based adventures, you will definitely enjoy providing the next generation with the same fun you had. These bright blue walkie-talkies feature multi-channel and FRS/GMRS-supporting capabilities for easy message transmission. Highly-portable, easy to use, and ideal for fun in whatever field or park is nearby, this toy even includes a built-in LED light for illumination in dimly-lit environments. Walkie-talkies are as popular as they ever were, perhaps thanks in part to the boys of Stranger Things?

Bracelet Maker

Perfect for the wee little jewelry maker you know, this Bracelet Maker set is all kinds of creative fun. The colorful kit makes more than bracelets, as it also provides necklace and ring possibilities among others. This toy will keep little hands and brains busy for hours while improving concentration and dexterity. How awesome is that??

V-Tech Smart Shots Sports Center

Okay, this is just too darn cool. It’s a two-in-one basketball hoop “sports center” no doubt inspired by the basketball shooting games at arcades and carnivals. It comes equipped with an animated light-up LED scoreboard that counts baskets (up to 10) and offers plenty of encouraging phrases and animation. There’s even 50 songs contained within this toy. What’s more, it comes with not just a basketball, but a net and soccer ball to double the kiddos’ fun.


Perhaps electronic-based gifts are more the couples’ speed…consider any of these cool options:

Alkaline Battery Gift Set

Okay, this gift idea may seem a little boring, but if the engaged couple you are buying for is all about electronics in their many forms, it is a gift that keeps on giving. The batteries come with a three-year shelf life and are applicable to a wide variety of devices, including clocks, digital cameras, game controllers, and toys. Just don’t attempt to recharge them…um, ever.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

The perfect gift for the Bluetooth-obsessed friend, this idea features a wireless Bluetooth headphone headset/earphone that’s wonderfully-soft and warm. The knitted beanie is made with 100% acrylic material and comes equipped with the V4.0+EDR Bluetooth version which is available for pretty much any device with ‘tooth capabilities. It is ideal for jogging, biking, fishing, skating, or practically any other outdoor activity where listening to music is preferred.

Electric Wine Opener Set

If the couple you need to buy for love all things wine, why not make opening bottles easier for them? This electric wine opener set is a super-nifty gift that comes with a foil cutter, aerator pourer, and stopper in addition to the stainless steel bottle opener. It opens any bottle of vino easily and effortlessly so your friends can toast to their union and good fortune.


“Experience” gifts never go out of style because they are awesome!! See if any of the following would appeal to the engaged couple with younglings.

Museum Memberships

A membership to a favorite museum is a fantastic gift, especially if the couple wants to expose their kiddos to art and different cultures on a more consistent basis. Shop around for the best deals and take a look at the couple’s individual social media pages if you need inspiration concerning which museums they cannot get enough of.

Concert Or Theater Tickets

Concert or theater tickets are another great option, and can be either for the adults or the kids…or both. Get tickets to the children’s favorite kiddie shows, or provide the adults with passes to the show they have been talking about for months. If you go with the latter, offer to babysit so they can have a lovely night out together.

Annual Or Family Pass To A Fantastic Local Attraction

This winning idea is perfect if the couple in question lives close to a local attraction they love, such as a cultural landmark or history center. They will adore you for getting them an “educational” gift they can share with the kids. You can also go the more “adult” route and buy them a local brewery package or something similar.

National Park Family Or Annual Pass

Perhaps the couple lives close to an amazing national park and looovvves to hike. Get them a family pass, or better yet, purchase an annual pass to every national park in the country. The National Park Service offers plenty of amazing parks that are worth traveling for, and who knows–you may have helped them travel for their honeymoon! National parks also help teach kids about the importance of conservation and why nature is so continually amazing.


Maybe the couple wants to take family-friendly classes at the local community center with the kids, or desires a dancing class or other option they can enjoy as husband and wife. Find something that piques their interest and enjoy giving them something fun and free to do. You’ll be the family hero for months.

Hope these ideas help…and good luck!