The wedding gift box 3

The gift boxes can take different shapes and colors as you observed with your eyes. We promised to continue with this topic and we’re going to present you other nice models of such boxes. So here you have a list of four boxes that may interest you, but these aren’t the last ones, because we intend to continue this subject….

the wedding gift box 3

The first example regards an orange box! Yes an orange box with a red cover. Wrap around this box a ribbon made of shiny and orange material. On the middle of this box you should place a sunflower bud with a little glitter on it. You might as well use other colors, depending on the theme chosen for the wedding….
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
This is our basic suggestion. Let’s not forget! The corner or spot in which you place this box should look interesting too! Place some white stones at the bottom of this box and the background should be orange! Really interesting idea, isn’t it? The hole in which you place the cards can be found somewhere next to the sunflower bud, meaning on top of the gift box!

the wedding gift box 32

We continue with a box that takes the shape of a treasure box. This box is white and it has nice models and patterns on it! You can find imitations of lace embroideries or different floral themes…. The margins of this box looks also interesting, it looks like embroidered too! The hole can be found on top of this box and it has also interesting models on it! This model of box can suit perfectly to a vintage wedding, you can be sure of that!

Here’s the next example! A model that has been encountered in the first two topics: the cage gift box! As you can see it’s quite nice and you can apply for it without any problems! You can put a nice message on one side of the cage. The most important thing regarding this box is that your guest can put their invitations in no matter what spot, because it will pierce through all its holes, all the cage’s empty spaces.

the wedding gift box 33

The final model regards a normal cardboard box! This box can be brown with green ribbons around it, like a normal gift box. Let’s not forget that this box should be made of strong cardboard, make sure that it’s resistant! The exterior is really shiny and it looks great! Instead of the classical bow on the upside part of the box you may apply for a branch full of white flowers!

The effect created is really interesting and you can be sure that your guests’ eyes will be stolen for a couple of seconds! The space in which the guests place their cards can be found on one of the margins of this box….

the wedding gift box 34

So, as you can observe the list continues and the examples get interesting day by day! You should take only the aspects you like and use them in your advantage! So, good luck!