The wedding gift box 2

We continue with the topic regarding the gift or post boxes for weddings. We considered that those examples weren’t enough and we will give other ones in the lines to come…

We start with an interesting model that may seem perfect for a wedding which takes place in the spring period. We recommend a normal gift box that can be covered with a nice sheet of paper that has floral motifs on it! Besides the flowers we recommend butterflies and other motifs similar to these.

the wedding gift box 2

On one corner of the box you may also add some cardboard butterflies that can stand on a stick! The box may have in the middle that spot in which you can place your cards and gifts! We consider this idea so cute and we recommend it from all our heart!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
The next idea for post or gift box consists of a vintage model. A white and normal cardboard box covered with black vintage models on it! This box may have on the exterior side two black ribbons made of velvet and a rose bouquet in the center!

the wedding gift box 22

On one of the margins of this box you can find that long hole in which the envelopemay be placed really refined. In addition, you may add to this box some nice details with black ribbons: can be different species of plants or flowers ad stuff like that!

We continue with a beautiful white cage, which is made from metallic material and you can see in it and through it! You can find nice details on the box, details like flowers or butterflies or different signs and patterns made by the cage’s components. On the upper side of this gift cage you may place some pink flowers, made of knitted materials or even fresh flowers. It’s your choice!

the wedding gift box 23

The next idea regards many gift boxed placed one on top of the other in a goofy manner! The basic box is small and towards the end of this tower boxes become smaller and smaller! On the margins of these boxes you can find pearls or ribbons or pieces of jewelry…. The hole in which you can place the gift is quite big and it is impossible not to observe it. On the top layer of this funny gift box you can find a small present, which stays on another round present box!

the wedding gift box 24

The colors in which these boxes are colored can depend on your preferences, just make sure your blend them well and that these are in perfect coordination with the cake and all the components of your wedding!