Groomsmen Attire Ideas We Love

In the past, groomsmen only wore tuxedos to weddings. But times have changed. While many groomsmen still don the classic tux and suits, now they can add nice and quirky details to their overall look. Here are some groomsmen attire ideas we love:

  1. A bold tie and a suspender
From Inside Weddings
From Inside Weddings

If you are having a casual or semi-formal wedding, a tie and suspender combination rocks the perfect look for this kind of occasion. This Debonair Deluxe set is attractive to strap on to the groomsmen. Choose the red and blue striped tie, and finish it up with a matching black or brown suspender.

  1. Add a lovely boutonniere

Spice up rigid tuxes and suits with a stylish floral boutonniere slipped on your groomsmen’s lapels. Contrary to what most people think, wearing a boutonniere does not strip off the masculinity.  Boutonnieres help keep weddings simple yet fashionable.

  1. Switch up the timepiece


Heavy metal is a pretty standard watch design for men. How about switching it up into a wooden timepiece? An example is this watch from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts, which has a sleek finish and a design that will truly grab attention. It’s a unique wooden timepiece that will surely add sophistication to the attire.

  1. Colorful pants
From Style Me Pretty

Pair up a clean and ordinary white long sleeve shirt with bright and colorful pants! You can choose the color according to the wedding’s motif to complement the bridesmaids.  While the groom wears his tuxedo, the groomsmen create a contrast in appearance by donning stylish pants instead!

  1. Slap on a bow and suspender

For the boho chic-inspired wedding, have your handsome fellas wear a bow and suspender altogether to create that rustic vibe! You don’t necessarily need to wed in a farm to have that dreamy, country wedding. All you need to do is incorporate that kind of vibe through the details. You can also switch the bow with a floral boutonniere strapped on the lapel instead for a more charming effect.

  1. Wear funky glasses
From Brides

This one is perfect for summer weddings when the weather is warmer. Add some pop to your groomsmen’s attires with a wooden wayfarer sunglass. They ought to look cool on top of their tuxes or suits with this funky accessory.

  1. Stylish details


If you aren’t for the option of being bold and would like to stick to the traditional ways, then you can just modify subtly in the details. This silver round beaded cufflinks will do just the trick. You can add an edgy monogram of your groomsmen’s initials to make it more personalized.