The groom speech in a wedding

Throughout the wedding ceremony there are many wedding speeches that are made and by different persons as well. We’re sure that at least once in your lifetime you’ve been placed in the situation of making a speech or a toast for someone and you felt as if the words didn’t flow out of your mouth as they really should. If you’ve been asked by some of your friends to do a wedding speech you simply can’t afford not making one, it’s a favor that your friend asks you to do.

But what happens when you’re the groom and you have to make the speech, because it happens that there are always the situations in which there’s the groom wedding speech done. Of course, you have to make sure that in this posture you do your best and maintain a fluid monologue or let’s name it discourse!
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The groom speech has to be around 1000 and make sure that you don’t speak more than 10 or 15 minutes, because it can get kind of boring and you wouldn’t want such an effect. Also, even there will be a bride speech, you have to make sure that you emphasize the fact that you’re speaking for her as well.

Another interesting issue concerning the groom speech is that you shouldn’t jump from an idea to another or the events and happenings that you mention about, they should be known by everyone – it’s a more interesting discourse in this way.

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The groom speech in a wedding

Humor is always important when it comes to wedding speeches and who makes them. Don’t forget to be funny and entertaining, o.k?

Besides all these details, intervenes the problem of the signature on the speech. The speech should be emphasized through a personal message that you give to your bride, making sure that you relate to marriage and love.

The first lines of your groom speech or the entire speech shouldn’t be known by heart – it can seem without soul for the attendants. It’s not a shameful thing to make a discourse that is read from a piece of paper, but in the same time as you’re reading it you have to make sure that you keep eye contact with the persons surrounding you.

Of course, the groom speech has to be heard by everyone and this means making it with a loud voice.