My Weekly Goodies – Best Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon…honeymoons…this term could be summarized in: the vacation after the stressful wedding planning, or the bride and the groom’s time together, alone and away from everything. I bet is one of the most expected moments after the wedding.

But, where should you go during your honeymoon?

I’ll start with a warm place, a place where the sun is up for the most part of the day, the official language is English, the temperatures barely drops to 22 Celsius degrees, and it’s one of the most popular destinations for underwater diving.

We’re talking about the Cayman Islands. If you’d like to book some tickets you can use, the prices start from around $400 per day.

The next option will keep in tune with the first choice. We are referring to Mexico and it’s one of the most beautiful and heavenly places in the world. Didn’t guess? It’s Cozumel

Enjoy the pictures in the video and if you’d like to book a ticket there, or you are interested in what you could visit, we recommend you to check out their tourism attractions official web-site.

Are you an adventurer’s type couple? If so, what could be more suitable than Egypt?

You can enjoy a jeep safari; you could visit the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx; or you could have lots of fun on Egyptian Nile cruises and many more. You can check out ask-aladdin for tickets and more places to visit.