Neat examples of wedding veils 2

Wedding veils are really important components of a wedding gown and your entire aspect in your wedding day. Well, we’ve got some new suggestions in order for you to make a general idea and see whether you can apply for a normal veil or something similar to the stuff we’re suggesting here.

We start with suggesting a cockade which is made of pretty colored feathers and with a broche at the bottom. So, we’ve got a nice looking cockade that is designed of multiple feathers in blue, light blue and different other variations. At the basis of this cockade we can observe a golden broche with glittery details on it. Indeed a nice blending of details. Also, you can place this cockade in one side of your head with your hair arranged in a gorgeous manner and left loosened in the back side. Do you think it’s pretty interesting enough for you?

neat examples of wedding veils 2

We continue with another veil replacement, which is again a cockade. This time it’s made of feathers and in a pink pale tone. Also, let’s mention that you can place it in one side of the head leaving your hair loosened or in a pony tail. How about that? Does this one seem more suitable for you? Well, it should be!

neat examples of wedding veils 2 2

The other cockade that we want to mention about is as great looking as the other ones mentioned up to this moment. Also, this one is as a good veil replacement as the others. So, there’s this cockade that has at the basis a broche made of glittery stones and pearls in the same time. Let’s also mention that in the superior side of this cockade you can observe multiple feathers and with pieces of fabric that are placed in the position of a fan. Indeed, some nice looking details which we’re sure you’re going to enjoy reading about pretty much and maybe you’re thinking of applying for them!

neat examples of wedding veils 2 3

We’ve got another example of special veil for which you can apply for. This one is similar to the one presented above, the difference consists in a piece of net attached to it. The combination is great looking and really effective in the same time. The effect is delightful and on the side on which you decide to place the cockade you can choose a pinup or a pony tail!

neat examples of wedding veils 2 4

The last model of veil that we thought it would be really interesting to present to you is definitely this one: a cockade that has at the basis a broche made almost entirely of pearls and it creates a circular form. Also, you can observe some details which are realized by feathers and nice looking pieces of fabric. This cockade creates a nice visual effect and it looks exactly like the half side of a flower.

neat examples of wedding veils 2 5

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about our examples and we’re certain that you like all the things exposed here as well as the ideas that we’re suggesting.