Special gifts for the bride and groom

In case you want to surprise the young couple and offer them a really interesting surprise then our list of suggestions is going to fit just right. We would like to share with you some examples of places in which you can send the bride and groom as a wedding gift and these are indeed special- they’re crazy locations, if you want to call them in this way.

If you know that the freshly wedded couple doesn’t miss any show or concert in which your favorite star is going to appear or an international singer, visit the sites from abroad or even the official ones in order to buy an object that was owned by the singer.

special gifts for the bride and groom

In the same time, the events in which there are made auctions of those objects…. For example, last year, Madonna’s favorite pair of shoes signed Christian Dior, were sold around the sum of 10.000 Euros. In the same time, you can bring the two close to their favorite star through buying a VIP ticket for one of the concerts that are part of the tour.
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You can even have luck and find some tickets in your country or a good solution would be to buy them online. We’re thinking of artists like Aerosmith, Elton John, AC/DC or Chris Rhea and many others…. The price of a ticket is not that impossible to but and in the case you buy it from the official fan club you’re offered the occasion of giving the couple a personal visit and talk with their favorite artist.

special gifts for the bride and groom 2

In case you don’t know when exactly the groom and bride are available, you can apply for a better option- purchasing some instruments accordingly to the favorite music genre. A Stradivarius violin, a Hofmann cabinet piano, which can get to be pretty expensive and a replicate would serve as well. Also, a gramophone made in the US seems a good idea to be taken into account and we totally suggest it to you. The objects have to have a certain authenticity for those that are really fond of music.

special gifts for the bride and groom 3

So, check their certificates before buying them. Also, not many afford to purchase an original Stradivarius violin, so a replicate is going to serve as well whenever it corresponds to the standards. Also, in order to obtain a smile from the bride or groom with the gift that you’re offering you can apply for buying such a musical product online and most of them can be bought in auctions. This is indeed an effective way of doing it and we’re certain that you are going to end up with the right solution.